Stroller selection: what to look for?

Stroller selection: what to look for?

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Be bulky, good quality, lightweight - these are the aspects that moms and dads consider before buying a baby stroller.

In the previous section of this article, we have started to list the aspects that are the basis for choosing a baby stroller before your baby is born. Some people make quick decisions, others make lists or listen to a lot of opinions before choosing the "perfect one". It's been a good idea to have a good stroller, a stable stroller, a stroller against and against the three-wheeled stroller, and we also understand why it's important that a stroller can be opened with one hand and one foot. we bring with us something we might need besides the little one. It is very practical when you are on the car bevбsбrlуkosбr, or so (possibly zipped pockets) into which pakolhatunk.Make sure the baby stroller is big, the little ones grow fast, but it's important to have enough space in the stroller, as they spend a lot of time in the stroller, so be comfortable. Also note that don't be too babybut at the same time the side of the stroller must be high enough to prevent it from falling out. Although wheels have been covered in our previous article (3 or 4, rotatable or not), it is also worth bearing in mind that rubber wheels are safer, they are easier to handle than plastic wheels. Last but not least, they are more durable and the child less likely to have uneven "potty" soil or just underneath. You can count the size, the bigger the wheel, the more stable the car is.

For a stroller, weather is also an important factor

If vнzбllу йs good breeze we have chosen a stroller, we certainly will not regret it, because every month the baby is born, we have a chance to get from one place to another in the rain, in the rain or just warm, and in these cases both will be very useful. If the baby is born too far and it is cold to transport, it is important that the car has a cushioned, flared side. Many mothers consider it important that the handle of the car be rotatable. So, in the first few months, they can walk upside down, so it is more important that the mom or dad (or the grandmother, the friends) see the little one. However, as the world begins to open up for the baby, a with rotatable handle we will have the opportunity to make the child feel, feel, see what is going on around him. The safety belt is also important, as opposed to choosing the exact one. it can be set be. There are several positions here, lying down, half lying or lying down. Also, make sure that the stroller (although this is true for almost every stroller today) is ready to go. Of course, always use a stroller that is appropriate for your baby's age! This situation can be easily handled by choosing a multifunctional convertible stroller, so that from the newborn age up to the age of 3, the carefully selected piece can be used.


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