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How do we give our price order?

How do we give our price order?

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Be like Jin! Also learn to come to the theater! Stop the violence, help the weak! Take care of your health, exercise! And yet we would like to pass on our values ​​to our children! But how?

- Everyone has a different set of values, so I can't tell you what to give your kid. And that's fine. The harder question is how to give ours, ”he began dr. Vekerdy ​​Tamбs pszicholуgus.

Don't say it, show it!

It's easy, in fact, almost meaningless to put the little ones in the head of what's good and what's not. Saying, "You must!" Is just a slogan. Remйnytelen. The child is still against him, he may not even understand what we want him to do. But even if we did, we wouldn't be very effective, because direct education does not really exist. The The transfer of values ​​is entirely possible through other channels. If the parent and the child have trust, if the relationship is good, if the parent accepts the child and knows what to expect at a given age, then the order simply disappears. The child accepts messages from parents, only a small part of which are words and words. The small learns most of the parents' actions and behaviors.

Everyone has a different order

- The communication channel will open up to me if I accept my child. If I have an idea of ​​how I want to be educated and it goes against the innate nature of a child, it will be a problem, says Tamek Vekerdy. - Everyone has innate genius and everyone else. I have to accept that as a brother and as a child of my dreams I cannot rape her. But if I accept it, he also accepts my values. If I hate the Barbie doll out of my heart, chances are they won't bother me. If you bother me and I don't buy him, he'll accept that he won't. Let's say my son wants to buy a plastic sword in the blood. I don't like the sword, I'll do it if I don't buy it. But he has pocket money, he buys it. Right of your heart. But I continue to insist that this is ugly, I hate it. The best way to do this is to say, "Honey, I don't like it." I do not honor it, I do not condemn it, but I also have my own claim.

Is your soul the order?

It is very important to always consider childhood age specifics. If we run away, both the child and the parent will fail: the child has no idea why his mother or father is disappointed, because he has done nothing wrong. - says Vekerdy ​​Tamбs. - Mom goes to the stupid playgirl and says, "Thanks, five minutes later, we have dinner, put your toys, wash your hands, and come to our table!" If the child does not do it, they go to the psychologist the next day. The psychologist will hopefully tell you that there is trouble right now so much information in the kid's neck, unable to accommodate so much. You really don't have to say anything but catch the kid, lick him and take him out to dinner. But why pack? Let's play it all! Then if the little shrub that leads to the bed is impassable, let's just say, we're packing. But don't forget that she also has the pack. I pack, put two games on the shelf, but take three. I'm going to order because I'm faster! If your parents are good, then they will be okay without any conflicts. But not now. Indeed, not when he was a teenager, but when he would be his own family. If your parents are also messy, then the situation is completely irrelevant. That's the essence of the thing.
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