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Recipes for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers

Recipes for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers

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Made it, we ate it, it was delicious :)

Recipes for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers

Mushroom green salad

I gave you two servings
eight large champignon mushrooms, 5kg cashews or pistachios, 4pcs dried apricots, 5kg cream cheese cream, soda, pepper, three tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon mustard, one tablespoon, one tablespoon, one tablespoon tender nipple, lettuce)
The button is cleaned, washed, and chopped. We smear a Yenese oil with oil and spread the mushroom on the bottom. The temperature is preheated to 180 degrees Celsius. Roast the kasudi or pistachio in a non-stick frying pan and mix. Wash the lettuce leaves and cut them into strips and dice the apricots. Mix the crushed ingredients with the cheese, powdered powder, salt, pepper and smooth it over the mushrooms. Quarter to 180 degrees Celsius. In the meantime, wash the lettuce, oil and lemon juice with mustard, salt, and pepper to mix the lettuce. We turn the leaves over and stack the mushroom fillings.
You know: A gummy powder for your stomach ache, an effective remedy for stomach. Mushroom mixes can be roasted with any kind of green leaf lettuce.

Onion spoon salad

Wash and then touch two lovely pink carpets. Grate on a large hole and squeeze a lemon juice over it. Let's drink a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of soy sauce. Sift with a dry ring. Stir well, then clean a pack of onions, cut into thin slices, and mix in the grated rapeseed. Toss with parsley and fresh mint leaves cut for April.
We can also eat salatine, but we can also add it to sandwiches that are lightly spread on toasted bread. Low calorie, fiber-rich food that can be safely consumed during breastfeeding, providing plenty of important vitamins for the body even in less sunny months.

Red salad with feta cheese

I added four servings
60 dkg tomato, two red chilli peppers, a head purple onion, a clove of garlic, a bunch of parsley, 20 dkg of feta cheese, 10 dkg of olives, pepper, a tablespoon of vinegar, three tablespoons of olive oil
Tomatoes, peppers and onions are wrapped and arranged in a salad bowl. We filter the olives on top. The garlic, the parsley on the leaves, the oil and the vinegar are finely blended and then added to the raw greens. If it tastes too sour, we can scoop it up with two tablespoons of apple juice. Carefully mix the malt so that you can spread the salad everywhere. Cut the feta cheese into small cubes and filter it on top. We can taste peppers before eating, but there is no need for juicing, since feta cheese is very juicy.
Tip: Toast with bread, bread and bread. We also recommend it to the consumer. With the exception of olives, any one can get as much as an annual, though many do not love the raw onions and peppers. If you find that the other family members are eager to eat something like this, the little ones will come through.


Easy baby for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
I approached so many people
Two teaspoonfuls of rice, one liter of milk, two teaspoons of biomix veggies, half teaspoon of saffron, half teaspoon of spices, a big head of kernels, oatmeal, sourdough,
The rice is boiled in the milk, seasoned with two cauliflower dried vegetable mixes, saffron and red peppers, and cooked on low heat until absorbed. We leave it under cover after quarter on Thursday. We'll cover it over again to cool it down. Fry the kale and grate it. We cut the leaves of the mildew April. We mix the kale and the green with rice. We also mix it with the egg, then wet it into small dumplings, flatten it and roll it in a mix of bread crumbs and sesame seeds. In hot oil, brown both sides to a golden brown. Eat it with cucumber or tomato rings.
Tip: If you add grated beetroot, cabbage or other vegetables to your rice, you will get new tastes. Worth a try! Instead of boiling oil, we can cook rice cakes in the oven. Cheese or a light, yogurt-free spring salad is a good match for you.

Apple pie with cheese

We contribute to a 28 centimeter cake mold: a large dessert, three apples, two eggs, 20 dg of flour, 15 dg of butter, 8 dkg of butter, 2.5 dl of milk, 15 dg of Parmesan cheese,
We make a light, smooth dough from the flour, butter, and turkey, spread it out and spread it on the bottom of a cake mold spread with margarine, leaving two fingers high. Wash the cumin and the apple, cut the apple kernel, lightly slice both, and place the slices on a wooden base. The eggs and milk are mixed together, seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg, and the apple is poured. Sift with grated cheese, place in preheated oven, and roast in oven at about 200 degrees Celsius.
Hint: That's it Edible aids in digestion, breastfeeding can be a fun way for breastfeeding babies.


Breastfeeding for breastfeeding mothers
I approached so many people
7.5 dl milk, a packet of vanilla sugar (or half a vanilla scrubbed inside), half a spoonful of sugar, 7.5 dkg sugar, a lemon rind, 20 dkg rice, 20 dkg wholegrain currant
We rinse the pots with water, then pour the milk into it. Put the oven, the washed lemon peel and bring to a boil. Simmer the rice and cook for 30 minutes on low heat, stirring frequently. We sift the sugar and vanilla sugar over the ends. If real vanilla is used, stir in the milk at the beginning of cooking. We leave it under cover after quarter on Thursday. The currant is thawed and rolled in the finished rice. Cold and hot too delicious!
Tip: Milk rice becomes softer when you use conventionally cooked steamed rice with a little salt. In this case, less milk is to be added, two thirds of the amount specified, and the time of the fries is short. Of course, you can do it with other seasonal kits.

Wheatgrass soup and horseradish cream soup

We allowed two people
For oregano soup: 6 dg of oregano, 5 dl tomato, 2 dl broth, basil, three tablespoons olive oil, three tablespoons grated parmesan cheese, sou, pepper
For horseradish cream soup: 30 dkg potatoes, 5 dl broth, 5 dkg horseradish, three tablespoons of sour cream, three tablespoons of sage, sou, pepper
The barrels are filtered by rinsing with warm water. The tomato juice and the broth are poured into the flesh and the barley is filtered into it. Cook on a slow fire until quarter until the barn is softened. Put the fresh basil leaves with oil and grated cheese in a smaller pan and blend with a blender. Immerse yourself in the warm soup, tasting it salty and peppered.
Stir in the potatoes, dice them, and cook them soft in the broth, then turn over. Storm the horseradish and lower it. Together with the sour cream we turn it into the soup and taste it with pepper. Fill it with bagging. You can also make it with a glass grated horseradish, which you can get.
Tip: A can also meet the increased fluid requirements during soup with soups. In addition to the usual tastes, we can also try out new ones. The potatoes and marshmallow are nourishing and pleasantly strain the broth.

Raspberry salad with rucola

We allowed two people
50 dkg rape, 5 dkg dried apricots, 5 dkg rucola, 5 dkg pine nuts or almonds, 1.5 dl yogurt, a lemon, white pepper, oil
The grease is cleaned, cut into rings, and oiled. Sprinkle it with one deciliter of water, fry it, and add the chopped dried apricots, and simmer for another five to eight minutes, then drain the water. The washed and drained rucola leaves are rotated. The pine nuts are roasted without oil. We mix the yoghurt, lemon juice and the cooked sauce and then pour on the glaze. Grate a small amount of lemon peel on it, sprinkle with pine nuts or sliced ​​almonds, and peel it immediately before eating.
Tip: You can carry this refreshing salad and dressing in a well-sealed plastic box and screw bottle to the toy. You can also replace the typical sour zucchini with a softer aroma of lettuce.

Rice balls with measure

I gave you two servings
25 dg of rice, 3 dl of water, a teaspoon of salt, 10 dg of boiled ham, 10 dg of mozzarella cheese, an egg, three tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, oil
Rinse the rice and cook it in double salt water. After boiling, we simmer for 15 minutes at a boiling temperature and leave to stand for the same amount of time. Leave to cool in a pan afterwards. Cut the cheese and ham into small cubes and add to the rice. Stir in egg and grated parmesan cheese. With water, we form small balls of the mass and roll them in bread crumbs. Simmer in hot oil, put on napkin to drink the oil. Eat it with tomato sauce, jaggery or kefir with herbs.
Tomato sauce: Dip tomatoes in hot water, peel and shake them together in a bowl. Season with salt, sugar, basil or thyme.
Jadziki: Mix half a glass of kefir with half a glass of sour cream and whisk a little. Push in two cloves of garlic and grate a piece of cucumber.
Green Kefir: In a mix of sour cream and kefir, it is recommended to stir in chopped parsley, thyme, dill, basil or other spice.
Tip: Fresh tomato is much healthier than ketchup, a great source of vitamins, and great for the thirsty. The sauces can replace the cooked halibut. Green pots can also be grown in pots in the kitchen window in the summer.

Chip omelette roll

Easy to eat
I approached so many people
So many bundles of chives, a lot of herbal medicine, sesame oil, dozens of eggs
Measurements: Half a liter of yogurt, a tender kale, parsley or so, tomato juice, a little red onion, ground pepper, a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, a tablespoon of sesame oil
We wash three knots of chives, cut them into small pieces, and grate the gum. Lightly chill the chives in a little oil, strain with powdered white powder and remove from the pan to a deep pan. We add the eggs, beat them, fry them, and cook eight tiny surprises. While hot, filter through the steamed, chopped, raw chives, roll up, and roll the rolls obliquely.
The lightweight size of the omelet fits perfectly. We slice a yogurt into a yogurt that is tender, tender, and fry a little, then season with parsley. Cold for the omelette. The dairy-free version is made from raw tomatoes: we dip the tomatoes in hot water for a moment, then stir and blend them with cleaned onion, oil, balsamic vinegar. According to Нzles, we use freshly ground pepper.
Tip: You can smell the tomato sauce with fresh thyme or tarragon.

Spring rice

Funny lunch for baby and mom
I approached so many people
Fresh rape, potato, 15 dg sugar beet, two onions, one clove of garlic, one orange, one tablespoon of butter, two sour cream rice, one liter of green soup, and fresh parsley.
Rub the flax and the potatoes under running water and cut into small cubes. Clean the cleaned onion. Wash the orange thoroughly and rub with a sponge. Squeeze the juice and grate a little finely. Boil the butter in a foie gras, fry the rice in it and add twice the amount of green soup or water. Simmer for ten minutes under lids. Then add the garlic mash, the new potatoes, the turnip and the orange peel. We drink enough green broth or water to just cover it. Cook without the lid, and once you have cooked the leaf, we cook again. When the rapeseed is almost soft, add the sugar peas and the onions. It is also flavored with orange juice, salt, chopped parsley and consumed immediately.
Tip: Making Green Soup from a reform food grocery store is made from bio mix blends that are as quick and simple as using broth cubes, but healthier. The vegetable mixes can also be sprinkled on the roasted rice, after which it has to be topped with water only.
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