Many were upset over the father of his 4-year-old baby

Many were upset over the father of his 4-year-old baby

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We bet that if you have a child, you and your wife have repeatedly asked to go to the public washroom. But does it make sense for women or men to choose a toilet?

Which washbasin do we use with the child?Well, this dad was also faced with the dad who filled the dandelion with his little girl, and the little one had to pee once. Instead of choosing the man's toilet, the grandfather chose to place the girl in the woman's washroom. But this was, according to the superintendent, a big mistake. "Help me decide who's right, my brother or I?" mommy wrote in a post posted on the Mumsnet website. "When our girl needs to toilet in a public place, my husband is convinced that it is right for her to take her to the bathroom. I told her that women did not like it, and that I should take her to the man's bathroom. or her? "People were very touched by the topic, as there were 536 responses to this post when it was born." I've never seen a man do something like this ... ever, "someone says. "Is your mind completely gone?" Another contributor agreed. Other "wrong", "disagree" and "come on, this is a bizarre" bombardment of the questioning mum's post.But not everyone was in this opinion. Many admitted that they too would have acted like dads. "I knew what it was like to be a disgusting person, but I would rather take a little girl to a women's washroom that has a separate closet than a man's toilet, who knows what she saw." "Not to mention that I happen to have been accidentally opened in the men's washbasin, and what I wouldn't say is not the most pleasant of all. Buddy and dirty." Another contributor likewise reads, "They agree perfectly. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt for a dad to bring a baby into the woman's washroom." similar to unpleasant situations. Public toilets are by no means the best, and with specially-designed washbasins, they are sure to make life easier for small children (article source).Related articles in parenting:
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