3 holiday programs for little ones

3 holiday programs for little ones

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The Advent period is slowly beginning, and we can begin to tune in with the little ones for the holiday. Three cozy programs are offered!

Where are you Mikulabs?

Figurina Animácis Small bench
Siklssi Gbbor - genre, director, birth
Fers Klabra - Synopsis
In this story we come to a kitchen (with a real table, window, shelf, refrigerator, ironing board and many small kitchen items). You need to start your little rag doll to find the Santa Claus. I just want to change the end of the piece, just to try to find a "solution" that is for the little "gingerbread" kids and for the bigger ones as well elfogadhatу.
Korhatbar: 3-99

Are you allowed to come here with Bethlehem? - the Kaláka Christmas Concert

Csoma Kőrös Sándor Kábbánya Cultural Center
Becze Gbor, Gryllus Danny, Major Gbor, Radvnyny Balz
When nativity mothers come to the house for Christmas, welcome verses finally ask: Is it allowed to come here with my nativity? This is a nativity scene in the framework of the Christmas Concert of the Kalkaka Ensemble. The program includes Hungarian and other national Christmas songs, old church songs, Kalka songs written for Christmas poems.
Tickets: 1000 Ft in the beginning of the year, 1400 Ft in the day of the performance
December 2, 2012 11:00 AM //
Korhatbar: 0-99

Homepage songs by Gryllus Vilmost

Dalok: Gryllus Vilmos
Verses: Gryllus Vilmos and Ildikou Dцbrentey
Gergely Sбrkцzy and Danny Gryllus
Zoltan Kodбly Singing and Singing Music School and Romany Balzm singing