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Down syndrome: the mystery of chromosome 21

Down syndrome: the mystery of chromosome 21

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Flat nose saddle, distinctive blush, crooked eyes - these are the hallmarks of a baby born with Down's curve. Even though parents' years of age also increase the risk of developing a disorder, it is possible for all ages.

John Langdon Down: х was the English doctor who in the 19th century. In the sixties of the twentieth century he described in detail the syndrome known as rula. Although experts in the art know little about what causes the disease, it is still well known what happens to the body when the baby is born with Down disease.

Unexpected disorder

In the cells of the human body 46 chromosomes can be found that make up 23 pairs. In Down syndromes, there are not three, but three, of chromosome 21: this is the triszуmia, the most common type of disorder, accounting for 95 percent of cases. This usually results in no chromosome breakdown in germ cell formation and two chromosomes in a hymenocyte or oocyte. The reason why the divorce does not stop is unknown at the moment.

Down's chromosome is a chromosomal disorder, three out of two chromosome 21's

Trisomy in general it touches every cell, but it can also be called mosaic-like, when only a certain percentage of cells contain an extra 21 chromosomes. Cases occur in a couple of cases when the parent carries a chromosome rearrangement that increases the likelihood of developing Down Down. However, any type of Down cure is seen, the consequences are the same: children have a poor mental development, body size is different from the average, their muscles are generally mild, their skin is loose.
All forms of Down's syndrome are genetic disorders, but there are only 1 percent of cases known to be known, and its occurrence is mainly due to accidental events. There is no conclusive scientific evidence that Downstream is caused by environmental factors or by the activity of pregnant women before or during pregnancy.

It can occur in all ages

Down syndrome is mainly associated with the appearance of older mothers - with the age of parents, there is indeed a risk: chromosome aberration is a possibility for all ages. But look at the numbers: for 35-year-olds, at 1: 350, chances are the baby will have an abnormality; At the age of 40, the odds are - gradually - to 1: 100, and then, after a year, to 1:30. Because most women overwhelmed families in their early 20s and early 30s - so 80 percent of down-to-earth children are born into this group. Pre-natal filtering can be important not only for mom's older age.

Common diseases

Down babies are not only alike in nature, but also in nature: Sensitive, warm-hearted peoplewho make it easy to connect. With the right methods, they can learn almost anything. Although their bar is limited in value - room cleanliness, comfort and speech are reduced - they can be capable of living a life with some control. At the same time, the family where the baby has come from needs help: information, support, and companionship. It is also important to know that Down szindrуmбsoknбl jу turns elх the бtlag nйpessйghez kйpest nйhбny often betegsйg: нgy pйldбul the szнv- йs emйsztхrendszeri rendellenessйgek the ortopйdiai problйmбk, lбtбsi йs hallбsi troubles neurolуgiai йs pszichiбtriai disorders, fertхzйsek, krуnikus lйgъti megbetegedйsek, alvбszavarok.
The development of medicine is due to Down's disease His life prospects are getting better. Nowadays, 80 percent of adults with Down's disease survive to the age of 60, and even at a higher age are not uncommon.

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