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A baby problem with the newborn baby

A baby problem with the newborn baby

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Cold Blood, Cylinder Cylinders, Brain Granuloma and Sticky Cells. What do these terms mean and what can we do with them?

A baby problem with the newborn baby

Newborns need to be looked after with special care, and can easily open the gates for the outdoors. It is better not to put the diaper on the baby's nipple, because it can get wet or dirty. Until the letter is sent do not force the sender on the water bathing.


In the first two weeks after the fall of the stump, smaller rashes are common, mostly in the form of blood clots on the skull and diaper. These bleeds are harmless and do not need to be treated. Take care of the sender as described above.


Failure to close the gap where the lungs penetrate the abdominal wall may cause the lacuna to terminate in the occipital ring, sometimes up to three centimeters in diameter. In the area of ​​the senders, one can see a tactile or retractable projection. A smaller gift set usually goes away by itself in the first year of life, and a patch or gift is not used. If the sending bar gets larger or smaller, you need to operate. The ambulance and ambulance are considered outpatient.


If not all of the herniated stumps start to proliferate, they will develop a granulosa; a small, moist reddish lump that grows inside or outside the plant. Take the baby to the doctor, who will remove the granuloma with etching.

Sticky flowers

An infectious sign of sticky senders. Contact your doctor if you notice a yellowing baby on the field because of the risk of bleeding. Your doctor will check if there is a fistula (open stomach) and antibiotic ointment or swelling powder that will not inflammate. The fistula should always be operated. Source: Dr. Barbara Capelle - Dr. Helmut Keudel: Pediatric Diseases. kцnyve. Also worth reading:
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