A monk died, a baby died in Csány

A monk died, a baby died in Csány

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There is also a lighter casualty of an accident in which a six-year-old baby girl died after a cat was killed in the Cheves County of Heves County.

A cat died, a baby died in Csány (photo: police.hu)Győrrfi Pбl a spokesman for the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) said an emergency helicopter and several ambulances were on the scene. However, in the accident, a little girl was so severely injured that her life could not be saved even after a lengthy reintroduction. Two other children suffered mild injuries and were taken to the emergency room - he added. occupational hazards they have been prosecuted on suspicion of an offense.
According to a photo posted by police.hu, a rumor has been overturned that has a frame on the tree. they complained the games in the yard of the nursery, the refurbishment of which was included in the plans of the local government. It was also reported in the show that the part of the tree made of wood was rotten, causing it to drop.


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