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These are the names of the Children's Book Award winners of the Year

These are the names of the Children's Book Award winners of the Year

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In two categories - the most innovative children's book, and the best translation by the Hungarian Children's Book Forum, the HUBBY, which books compete for the children's book of the year prize.

These are the names of the Children's Book Award winners of the Year

The shortlist was made by the book blog. Here's the shortlist: In the most innovative children's book category, these eight books compete:Peter the Rabbit: The Bath of the Baths / The Stolen Santa Claus
Pongrác sings after the baths of Budapest, assisted by a Puli, an athletic pooch, and a handyman commander, and in another volume, after a potter could have been stolen by Santa.Bori Gyхri - Donkey Vera Zoé: Look, this is me!
He is a playmate and practitioner in the playful form of accepting the other, illustrated by the drawings of András Danny.Dr. Krisztina Stefanik: Star bus
In this book, Dr. Krisztina Stefanik talks about Dorkboull, Misirl and autism.Boss: This is such a day
Twelve very different children are introduced to Béla Mészöly one day. Among children there are those who have their own swimming pool and those who need to study by candle.Great Dane: Japanese-Hungarian Skull
Everything you want to know or want to know about Japan is in this directory. Introduction to Japanese and Hungarian basic kits.Nényei Pбl: Literature is back 2.
For the second time, the literature is back in the Literary Series of the Young Women of Adolescence. This time to the Bible of Dante.Erika Bartos: New Life, New Smile
Erika Bartos's book is based on the stories of true heroes in children who are looking for dialysis and organ transplantation.Tittel Kinga: Mesйlх Budapest
The story from Budapest "reveals, among many others, where the" Rock of Health "is, where to look for the narrowest house in Buda, which house to look for dolphin and shellfish motifs in Váci Street, and which statue in Budapest .This is the reverse category:
Bytes of Utfalusi win the Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod Translation of Camembert and Candy Omelette Books
Lackfi Jбnos The IT dog dog, which contains some of the funniest French children's verses of 100 years
Szabou T. Anna Dr. Seuss If I had a circus to translate Hungarian into classic Hungarian
Danny Andrbswho translated this book by David Elliott and Lori Nichols
Szabу Luca J. M. Barrie Reinterpreted Peter Peter
Krita Rita Molnбrwho uploaded the music lyrics of Jon J. Muth, the Zen messages in Hungarian words. Honorary President Gergely Pйterfy.
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