It is possible to apply for worship in Pest County

It is possible to apply for worship in Pest County

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The hungarian development program has been launched in Pest County, with a budget of HUF 2.5 billion.

It is possible to apply for worship in Pest CountyTuesday morning at eight уrбtуl be pбlyбzni the kormбny posts by these people kiнrt Pest telepьlйsei szбmбra HUF 2.5 milliбrd keretцsszegы bцlcsхdefejlesztйsi tбmogatбsokra - kцzцlte Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriumбnak (Emmi) csalбd- йs ifjъsбgьgyйrt Catherine felelхs бllamtitkбra.Novбk sajtуtбjйkoztatуn held in Szigetmonostor bцlcsхdйben said that the kormбny with application support Newer places are being found He added that there are currently 263 institutions in the Pest county providing 6117 places, and that the application is explicitly updated. Nevelйs-gondozбst segнtх eszkцzцk, berendezйsek beszerzйse or New Account intйzmйny lйtrehozбsa also megvalуsнthatу the tбmogatбsokbуl - fыzte hozzб the бllamtitkбr.Kitйrt also to the tбmogatбs mйrtйke meglйvх bцlcsхde esetйn 10 milliу йs HUF 120 milliу, meglйvх minibцlcsхde esetйn 3 milliу йs HUF 60 milliу You can make up to $ 480 million for a new room, and add up to $ 60 million for a group room and about 300-350 new beds are expected from the developer, said Katalin Novák.Habhzzy Hadhzzy (Fidesz), the representative of the local country in Budapest, said so far you have been left out of unique support, this is what the government wants to push from its own sources. The compensation scheme has been lobbyed with the mayors of the county, and is currently worth HUF 80 billion, which is available to the county municipalities for the implementation of various institution building. Within this framework, the ward of the Island Monastery is also expanding - added Zsolt Hadhzzy Sándor.Molnárr (independent), the mayor of Szigetmonostor, said that he would like to add another 28 places of worship.
  • More than 9 billion are spent on worship in Pest County
  • Demand for bailout has begun
  • Parents of worshipers will receive 40 thousand a month


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