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The big twins in Debrecen are so big

The big twins in Debrecen are so big

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The big twins in Debrecen are so big

The twins, who had grown a lot since their birth, could have left the church. The parents of Jasmine, Flurr, Boglárk, and István were taken home on Monday.

The baby was born on the 24th of November with a cesarean section at the 33rd week of gestation. They were placed in an incubator, and until December 19, they were housed in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Debrecen. The little ones between 1600-1800 grams were born, each drop weighing 1 kg in the clinic. They are developing at a healthy pace.

Pretty twins grew up in Debrecen (Photo source:

The situation for Father Boda István is not unusual, as 30 years ago, even twins became members. It is also interesting that Professor Rutbert Pуka, who assisted in the birth of the little one, was also a member of the medical team at the father's birth.

Jzzmin, Flurra, Boglárka and István

Good health to the whole family!


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