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A striking series of photos of an adoptive baby and baby

A striking series of photos of an adoptive baby and baby

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Kristen Prosser is a beautiful and really intimate series of moments when an adoptive parent meets her baby for the first time.

Impressive photo series (photo:

Although breastfeeding and maternity benefits are much more popular these days, Kristen Prosser American photographer did something completely different: that save the most beautiful moment of adoption, the first meeting. Friends of Kristen Sarah йs David Olsen we received the newsletter on Tuesday to take their adopted baby home forever. They were also scheduled to fly to Minnesota from Florida to Florida first to see their little girl first, and Kristen joined them. "And I was even more pleased to be part of this ubiquitous happiness that two very good friends of mine could enjoy." One of their sons, Zakarya 6 years, Levi and 3 who were born with an open spine. Naturally, we adore the boys, but somehow they felt that life would be complete if a third child were born. After several years of unsuccessful attempts, they decided to adopt. David and Sarah were immediately packed and thirty urns were already in the hospital to meet their soul, who Tilly Pearl The moment we saw her, our lives were fulfilled. It is indelible was it, "says David." Is it possible to formulate the endless love for the little human being you are seeing first? For years we have been praying for this beautiful baby to come into our lives, and now we have fulfilled our lives. " without love. "
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