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Komáromi Selye Jбnos Kуrhбz

Komáromi Selye Jбnos Kуrhбz

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There is a castle in the dire part of Komar that was built by Count George Gyürky before the first World War. I was formed in the 1945 State House. The building is surrounded by a park full of vegetation. Let's get started in April 2010.

Dr. Rokay Lszszlou
Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

In the recently refurbished mainstream, there is the birth-cure. Dr. Lokszl Rokay, Head of Division, started his career in Tatabany so he could compare the difference between a little and a big hospital.
- The little hospital is extremely family-friendly. Here, the nursing mothers work with many little ones, as they know most of them, all born by the first name. At first it was strange to me, but I didn't regret leaving it! A more intimate relationship is developing, and women are more likely to give birth to a conveyor belt. One of us immediately jumps if the patient indicates that he or she needs something.
The chief doctor bassin shows a photo on the wall of his room that proves that his little grandson was born here, and his daughter helped with cupping herself. The chief of the department said that they could only be born lying down. For ease of buttering, balls and ribs are also available, and even music can be brought to the family, as they can be used in the living room magnate. However, those who have extra demands on a parenting position should choose another hospital!
Newborn babies are immediately abducted by their mother, but after a few minutes they are taken to bathe, clothed, and spent observing time in an incubator. This time, the mother drops out to the class and can take the baby if she wants to, but usually she is not asked because she is tired, exhausted - informs Miklós Kumrnívnívív. The first breastfeeding may be reversed in the baby room, but is not typical.

Gyorgy Erdély is expecting her baby excitedly
megszьletйsйt. Birth after the date of birth
one day it hasn't started yet
Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

The baby ward features 12 ounces of room-in-room, bringing babies into the newborn class at night. Rarely, but it happens that a mother doesn't want rooming at all. According to the chief, baby cribs do not support 24-man custody, because mothers may not notice if they have a problem with their baby.
In the first days, all infants receive water.
"Must," says the Hawker, "thirsty for a child without breast milk!" However, babies receive formula only if their mothers do not have milk.
When asked what they wanted to change, both the chief physician and the painter replied that they wished to remain so.Facts, figures
  • Annual number of births in 2008: 555
  • Ratio of cuttings: 25 percent
  • There is a two-seater living room, the beds are separated by a screen.
  • The father's presence is supported by the parent, he cannot be inside the box by a cupcake.
  • The filing is a must.
  • Pain can be relieved by coping, EDA is rarely used.
  • There are nine dormitories in the nursery class, which are two or three beds. Two or two rooms have a bathroom.
  • In principle, support for on-demand breastfeeding is supported.
  • There is a pregnancy pathology in the hospital, there is no intensive care in the newborn.
  • They perform a down-filter, combined test and integrated test.