Family Bird Reference dates in 2017

Family Bird Reference dates in 2017

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We have estimated in 2017 when the family will arrive at the family party. We show the dates by month.

In practice, the flow works so that the family will retire afterwards, transfer to the 3rd working day of the month following the current month. However, if the exact end of the calendar is that it falls on the 3rd working day or weekend, the money will be shifted by mistake, and only after that will the money arrive.Please note: the following information is provided for information purposes only and is not official!In December 2016, we also transferred December (which should in principle be referred to in January), which is another Friday day. However, there will be no family dinner in January 2017.The date for the referral of the family for the month of January 2017 is: February 2, 2017 (Thursday) will arrive at your bank account: April 4 (Tuesday) .Available for April Fools: May 3 (Wednesday). May for Family: May 2 (May) .The expected arrival of the July Family Bills on your bank account: Wednesday, August 2. late August. Due to the start of the school, we have made the transfer, so in August you will make money twice, but in September you will not be disappointed. November Family Expectation Transfer: December 4 (Monday) .The expected date of the December 2017 family gift item transfer to your bank account is: December 29 (Friday).