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Walking with Baby, ToddlerTrips for Walking, Biking

Walking with Baby, ToddlerTrips for Walking, Biking

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A little walk on the forest roads, a shorter cycling program, an all-day playground program - depends on your moods, your resolution and, of course, the little hubbub. Some tips to make baby's walking and cycling easier.

There is no obstacle in the family circle

It's easier for you to get started if you used to go out regularly, but with ingenious solutions and practical equipment, it won't make it harder for the more comfortable. Bring your childhood acquaintances, friends, so you all have more fun. Plans for short walking and cross-country activities such as fly-fishing, bacon training, soccer.

In a carrier

Before you start, clean it and dry it with fruit and water. Set the armrest to the correct height so that your little arm can move freely. After implantation, make sure your foot is not pinched. In the summer, sun protection is essential, well, if the carrier has a top and a raincoat, if not, always put a cap on the baby's head, give it a long sleeve dress. Put your favorite pet figure or some baby doll on the bear's shoulder bag so you have something to do and you won't get lost in the process.
Use a water stick in the woods to balance: the carrier is not backpacking, the baby can make sudden movements. An eagle will be good for you give him a break and let him go again. Choose your departure destination so that there is at least as much time for play and movement as it is for marching.

Take this with you in the backpack

  • Put a change of clothing on the bottom wrapped in nylon bags - you may not need it, so you can stay permanently fitted.
  • For diapers the smallest packing cloth and one diaper are sufficient. Useful diaper pad: if you don't clean the cheesecloth before doing so, you may find it on the sandy edge or in the fujitsu.
  • They both carry enough water, a towel, or a small terry cloth for washing and drinking.
  • Small, cleaned, sliced ​​fruits or greens in a small plastic box can also be eaten in the middle, even if they are nasty and boring.
  • Even a nylon bag for garbage, used pelus - unfortunately you won't find garbage everywhere - or dirty clothes.
  • Keep the key, cell, handkerchief in a separate compartment so that you do not have to carry it from the bottom of the bag.

Biking with baby, little kid

If you like to cycle, there is no obstacle to active rest, as soon as your baby is safely seated, you can start your shorter bike classes. Be sure to take your sleep into consideration, as the head of a child sleeping in a bicycle is leaning sideways, making it easy or resting. For the first time, keep an eye on your baby with a properly weighted packet to feel how overwhelmed you are with the equilibrium.
THE steering wheel and saddle can be mounted in the middle you can safely keep the smaller but still living child "in mind", talk to him, and look better than your belly. The bicycle is easier to steer, the center of gravity varies, you can wear your backpack and your bicycle luggage remains free. However, childhood is a little hesitant in scrolling and has a very short life span, from six to eight months to 15 kilos You can put the little one in there. In cooler weather, the steering wheel-mounted windshield is good.
The bigger kid is the seat of the saddle. The high, well-padded harness, adjustable shoulder straps and safety strap serve not only comfort but also safety. Childrens mount for trunk or adapter for underwater saddle You can carry it up to 22 pounds the little kid. The farther the bicycle's center of gravity shifts, the more difficult it will be to maintain balance, especially if the child is leaning or leaning.
Backpacks have no place, you can get the first gear, saddlebags and travel equipment. The kid travels in a more prominent place, though his view is only sideways outside of your back, and neither can you see it with the help of a rear-view mirror mounted on this steering wheel.
Bukуsisak it is also absolutely necessary for the child, a napvйdelemre and be more careful, and because of the leading edge, thicker clothes give it to me as it gets cool while you're warming up in the wind.