There is a health condition in New York due to a curveball

There is a health condition in New York due to a curveball

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There is a health emergency due to a bend, and Brooklyn is obligated to do the bend vaccination.

In New York City, a health emergency was ordered due to a widespread turnaround, and in parts of Brooklyn obligatory actions to prevent bending under penalty of perjury.There is a health condition in New York due to a curveball For the first time, vaccination was obligatory in New York, and this time it was not just bends, but vaccination against varicella and mumps. The provision primarily concerns the quarter inhabited by Brooklyn Orthodox Jews, since last autumn the number of bending diseases increased sharply. For the past few months, especially in Brooklyn, advertisements, telephone campaigns, and events aimed at orthodox publicity, all of which have emphasized the "maladaptive" nature of vaccination. "Deliberate misinformation is underway," he said Tuesday in a news release Herminia Palacio, vice-mayor of city health. Palacio considered it important to emphasize that in the anti-vaccine campaign, physicians are repeatedly flouting targeted information. 1800 children are not vaccinated. Health authorities now list and list adults and children who have been contacted with diagnosed bending patients. Those who do not have the vaccine can receive thousands of dollars in penalties and refuse the vaccine. City officials have reported: Since October last year, 285 cases have been diagnosed, including 246 patient children. Among the patients were infants younger than six months. Oxiris BarbotAccording to the New York Health Attorney General, almost all cases occurred in Orthodox Jews. "We can't allow this dangerous disease to return to New York," said Bill de Blasio, the mayor of the city.
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