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Two magnetic games were banned

Two magnetic games were banned

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Little did we know: if a child were to have more than one magnet in his or her body, it could lead to internal perforation and death. The NFH 10 has banned the marketing of two gaming products. Let's see what they are.

Magnetic bullets

Serious gambling may be a serious risk, as the National Consumer Protection Authority (NFH) has conducted tests in the Mechanical and Electrical Laboratories for the sale of two of the tested products. (Tested Games: Geomag, Magmax Crystal, First Classroom Magnetic Board, Go Create Magnetic Board, Piccoli Super Farm, Toys Magnetic Board, CWY Fishing Game, TOYS Magnetic Board, Viola Princess).One of the games is a magnetic darts: the handle of the handle can easily unwind the magnetic component, which was six times stronger than allowed. (The so-called magnetic flux index is 311 kG2mm2 instead of 50.)
The other game is a magnetic kit that contains a magnetic component that is easily swallowed, and in this case the magnet is more than the allowable amount.
For the second time this year, magazines tested magnetic games and saw a clear improvement over last year: in the 2014 study, 43 percent of the games contained children's dangerous toys. The list of tested products can be found on the NFH website.
Magnetic games that contain excessively strong magnets can be dangerous because they can be easily swallowed by children. And if a child accidentally has more than one magnet in the body, they can attract each other across the wall, which could eventually lead to intestinal perforation or intolerance. Recognition of these diseases is not always easy, as many children only show flu-like symptoms, the bulletin warns.

Larger people swallow some nuts!

According to international data, most such accidents are the 10 months and 8 years old with children. In more than 80% of cases, strong magnets in magnetic storage kits caused frustration. In many cases, the magnets could be removed from the intestine by surgical intervention. They have also met similar cases in Hungarian children's homes. THE

Rules for magnetic games

A very important rule for these products is that the magnets are properly mounted on the games - that is, they cannot be easily removed.
There is a special rule for gaming mounted magnets. An important requirement, for example, is that they cannot be stronger than expected. (the flun flux index may not exceed 50 kG2mm2). Experience has shown that accidents were caused by magnets that were stronger than expected.
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