Ephesian schoolchildren are suffering from penile disease

Ephesian schoolchildren are suffering from penile disease

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There is a healthy amount of mold in the classrooms of the Ethiopian school. Children are becoming more and more ill. Parents raise money for education.

The school in Eethek is Penseş, the parents started collectingOne of the side effects of the Etyek School is in the Old Town House, and there is a classroom that has the size of a mold that is harmful to health. Parents raise money to recreate classrooms - this is what the RTL Club Horn reported. children have become more and more ill, so at the request of the parents, the government has reminded the people in the building and it has been found that there is already a tremendous amount of mold in the classrooms.
The йpьletet been fхleg the szьlхk ъjнtottбk up, now we have already цsszegyыjtцtt 500 thousand forintbуl themselves also kezdtйk the felъjнtбsi munkбkat.A fenntartу tankerьlet lйgtisztнtуkat нgйrt according to tantermekbe.Az цnkormбnyzat egyйbkйnt the rйgi pбrthбzat kцltsйghatйkonyan felъjнtani you have already can not, you have already ezйrt 2007 ben wanted to break it down. Now they want to build a new school building, for which they have demanded HUF 2 billion from the state and have already bought the land. By the time they are done, they will be making two rooms a year and doubling the money raised by parents for decontamination.


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