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Travel the Wings of Fame to the Realm of Tales! (X)

Travel the Wings of Fame to the Realm of Tales! (X)

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A Christmas story about a boy with the greatest desire to spend a holiday of love with his parents. It is a fun, entertaining and educational family narrative with the greatest Hungarian stars.

Although the play is playing in the future, it addresses a very present-day problem of living and serious danger. The story takes us to a world where the pursuit of success and the maximization of efficiency have no time at all. Tomi, and the fhhh, wouldn't want to just spend Christmas with her family. It is not easy to achieve this with his parents, since his father is a successful and busy man who, by virtue of his desire for greater efficiency, has invented the Brain Turbocharged by himself. And her mom is on the land, don't you? an astronaut working on Mars. However, Tomi doesn't give up, and it seems his dream can come to light when he encounters a Sleeping Animal, the Bear, who takes him to the World of the Dream Runners? András Stohl, Gyabz Szabu, Gigi Radics, Steve Hajdu, Judit Schell, Ildikó Christian, Adrienn Zsédenyi, Mariann Falusi, Viktor Varga and Anita Бbel БLOMUTAZУ - The owl's family production in the former SYMA Hall, December 22-23 and


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