The Bomutazu will be more important this time

The Bomutazu will be more important this time

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There's nothing better than a good family program before and after Christmas. Last year saw a great re-production of super-production this year, as well as in the BOK hall, with its stars, stunning folklore and fantastic sliders.

The Bomutazu will be more important this timeA delicious honey dairy milk before bed… After that, dip into the delicate soft-fluffy baby bed and listen to Mom read a story from the new fairy tale we got for Christmas ... this period. Someone who has had such a period in his life. Tom - the story of our little schoolboy - for example, he doesn't even know these intimate things. He lives in a world where there is no honey milk. It's fluffy bedding. It sleeps. Life in the corners of the earth turned out when the idea of ​​the greatest story in history, Brain Turbulence, popped out of the heart of Tomi's daddy. Since then, humanity has been crying out for rest, and eight hours of sleep has been replaced by an eight-second turbulence. So everyone can work a lot more, people are more efficient, more energetic and more productive. Tomi and her friend, The Bar, are thrust into action to prove that sleep and dreams are important, and that dread is not to be feared. People need to learn to learn again. The great adventure also confronts Tommy with his fears and his desires. Most of all, with the idea of ​​being back with the family at Christmas. Maybe a soft bed… honey milk and a sleeping animal… This is the production that attracted 50,000 visitors last year and will be releasing this stage again, December 22-23-27-28 bn. "This year's piece is the revival of the Blomuthazu of 2017. Nothing has been picked out, in fact, there's one more song, but we're trying to make the mesemusical a little tighter, thicker." Juronics Tamбs, artistic director of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet, director and choreographer of the play.Illés Gabriella, the production director of the production, which created the lecture, said that, like last year, we can see some of Hungary's best actresses and singers in the Bombay. András Stohl, György Szabó, Gigi Radics, Steve Hajdu, Judit Schell, Ildikó Kred, Adrienn Zsedenyi, Mariann Falusi, Viktor Varga and Anita Belbel, as well as the two young people who created Tommy Sznzv Marinka Mуric and Szabou Hunor from Transylvania. "I was shocked by the size of the piece, there is no such show in Hungary"Tamás Juronics added. At 40m wide and 25m deep, a total floor of 1000m2, a 4-storey house is elevated to the floor, where there are three-sided singers and singers." "The interactive led wall, which responds to the movement of the characters, has a total surface of 374 m2, such a wall can only be found in the Submachine in Hungary. ny high-quality, high-resolution wall that can be seen on a domestic stage in this production, its resolution is 16 times higher than HD resolution, which is transformed by ever-changing, cinematic backgrounds throughout the show. highlighted by Gabriella Illés Performs on the stage at 6 venues and many pictures of Fellép Szeged Kortbar Ballet 30 t You can also see artists from Rippel Academy, the 30 dancers - multiplied on the video walls - claim to have more than 266 designer costumes, but will be based on one-wheeled e-rolls. "And last but not least, the songs were amazingly successful," said Gabriella Illay, adding that the musical material of the musical was already a gold record and the Rakonczai-Orbán composer added a new note to the song, along with 17 songs. children living in bad conditions who are in need of help. The UNICEF Children's Voice campaign was supported by production, which supported the campaign with donors and donations, as well as cash donations. "From the outset, we strive to give our children the opportunity to experience the things we are given, who, because of their social situation, cannot do so. producer, UNICEF Champion. "Within the Better Standing Program, many children with disabilities will be able to watch the performances of the Road Trip and hopefully be enriched with unforgettable opportunities," he added. Visitors can also contribute to the charity promotion. Every ticket, if you buy a silo travel icon silhouette bracelet, will cost you 1000 HUF per UNICEF Hungary. And there is a donation line, 13600, where you can enter $ 32 to support your organization's work for $ 500.