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Mama's Fast FoodPasters' Clip

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Healthy snack? This is certainly not a paradox. It's worth trying our new recipe, and you're guaranteed to be the pet of the family.

Mom's fast food

What is parsnip? If you mention this succulent, edgy root fifteen years ago, I probably have the same impertinence as the big one - va writes. - Today I love to use it in the kitchen, stewed, cooked, baked, anyway - this time snacking.PASZTERNБKCSIPSZ


three big parsnips
three tablespoons of olive oil
a tablespoon of sesame oil
a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
a tablespoon of coarse-eyed Himalayas-sу
freshly ground pepper
on request Cayenne pepper
for feeding fresh or dried oregano milk or yogurt I set the oven to 165 degrees. Remember, I cut the parsnip on a cucumber slug, sprinkled with oil, vinegar, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Rotate thoroughly, use baking paper to make two-three baking sheets, and spread the slices over them so that as little as possible overlapping each other is necessary. bakes because the flame mixer does not cook evenly), and if the slices have blushed enough, I will have to cool it. After over a minute and a half, I overcook it and put it all the way down to the culinary family for a day or so to preserve the spirit or the movie. Other recipes can be found here.


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