Five Mothers' Homes will operate in the country

Five Mothers' Homes will operate in the country

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Come and go Mother's house can work in the country; the program is aimed at staying with the child of the infant in the hospital and in the children's hospitals in Budapest and in the countryside until the end of the illness.

Five Mothers' Homes will operate in the countryGyula VelkeyThe Budapest Bethesda Gyermekkуrhбz fхigazgatуja the orszбgos programrуl szуlу hйtfхi Budapest sajtуtбjйkoztatуn said the intйzmйnyben 2015 tхl egyedьlбllу kezdemйnyezйskйnt mыkцdik the szьlхknek szбllбst biztosнtу Anyбk hбza in the idх tцbb as kйtszбz csalбd igйnybe the szolgбltatбst took it over.Уnodi-Szыcs Zoltбn The Secretary of State for Health made sure that child healing is a complex processand shorter nursing hours if you are with your sick baby. He added: There are currently 1,333 beds where the parent can have a baby, of which 829 are in the gym.Molnber Lasslou, division manager for the Swedish SCA Hygiene Products Ltd. said, based on their past year's experience, they decided to make the program national. An announcement has been made to build a Mothers' House, and institutions can submit their application by June 15th. karcagi Kбtai Gбbor Kуrhбz, in which three mothers' clubs set up a maternity shelter for seven. You will also receive цtmillion forints The Upper-Szabolcs Kourrbaz of KisvárdaWhere you have already, you will receive the long цsszegyыjtцtt felajбnlбsokat the Bйkйs County Kцzponti Kуrhбz kцltenek.A kцvetkezх йvben meglйvх "room mom" felъjнtбsбra, berendezйsi tбrgyak cserйjйre - Pбndy Kбlmбn Tagkуrhбza Gyulбn where valуsнtjбk the PIC gets better rйszlegen elszбllбsolбsбt.Szintйn jцvхre the szьlхk donations are made by the Bуkay Children's Clinic Public Foundation, which plans to develop a patronage for parents of premature children.Related articles in Mother's House:
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