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Cure improvement, of course

Cure improvement, of course

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Players can be almost anything. And with all the games, the little one develops. Here, let's go.


The little ones can paint

It is better to have your first experiments outdoors. The little child discovers the profitability of moose in the sand. Put a sandwich-sized brush in your hand - something you can buy in a household shop - so that you can "paint" it with the mud mixed in the bucket. Press the water-filled bucket to paint the kid on the asphalt and concrete. For indoor activities, ujjfestйkekbecause the little ones still neglect the thin brushes. The creamy, fingerprints available in jars are non-toxic, as they are usually made with food colors, so children can paint themselves as Indians. Wiping their fingers can leave a trace of paper on the paper, which will take up a lot of time. they are not yet looking for a true drawing or creation, let’s not encourage them to do that. They simply enjoy bribing, watching what's left on their smeared fingers, happily imitating their older brothers when they paint. Two colors are enough for this job, but we need to put as much paper on the ground as possible (wrapping paper, wallpaper). Fingerprints are available from larger toy stores, paper stationery stores. Also buy a washable paint coat!

April blast

When we hardly care to follow our crazy little kid on a world-explorer, it's hard to imagine that he or she will become a boring, unkind teenager. However, the results of an eight-year survey show that this is not uncommon. Some of the children, despite the efforts of their parents and the number of their playmates, feel there is nothing to be afraid of. THE "consumption knob" the remedy is the discovery of tiny exercises - we can start at a very young age! The little kid stands by itself on all beetles, picks up every pebble, enters every puddle. Nature makes lots of games! It would be a mistake in Iran to "fuck you dirty, throw it away!" - by putting out everything in your hand that arouses your interest. On the contrary, call your attention when we see something interesting. A sign of creativity when your baby is well occupied with pebbles, snails, sticks and the treasures of nature. You can also play with other cool objects that you can play with fantasy. A paper roll can be a box, a trumpet, a vase, a plastic box, a bottle, a wrapper, a piece of cloth with an interesting shape, color or material. Listen to the end for valuable treasure-looking exchange and avoid throwing it in the trash at the next moment. Provide sufficient time and space for children to search, don't disturb it with something "more important". So you can get a glimpse of the little things that come with it!

Useful tips

When they are one year old, young children move around all day long, and the little ones go around. You have fun with everything playing with games: stroller, stroller, minivan, dumper. Be sure to choose a size that is small in height. At the time of purchase, let's try to make sure it's easy to turn around and turn around. Take into account housing conditions, as they are space-consuming toys, and they only roll outdoors on smooth, level ground. A toy rolled on a rope always rolls over and over. Towards the age of two, young children are increasingly interested in everything they can do about it.Do not buy a "forwards" bicycle, only a plastic small age engine. It can be used both in rooms and on grassy terrain. If the playground is not an everyday occurrence in a small life, it can be cheered with room rates, a small slide, and a sled. All of these can be placed outdoors. If you go to the playground anyway, home appliances will quickly become boring. As you move around, your mental abilities will also be leaps and bounds, so play with your fingers more and more. The building blocks can be stacked, transported, dismounted, each color cube can play a variety of roles: it can be a human being, an animal, a vehicle. Material and color are more important in size, as small pieces are evenly obscure. For babies and toddlers, we can take cars and babies, so they have many different roles to play. The recognition smile smiles on the plush giraffe when we are at her zoo, but she won't be nearly as happy if she's never seen one before. because you can start anything with just the right fit for your personality, age, abilities, let's give relatives and acquaintances suggestions.

Improve your baby's sanity!

Individual circumstances also differ considerably in this area. Therefore, do not kill our own baby on the basis of a neighboring child. It is more than the development of a small child to compare to his or her previous performance. Make a monthly note of your baby's diary as much as you have done with the previous status. With a little one-year love, you pinch tiny things off the ground. Pointing your thumb using a tweezer will catch buttons, pebbles, crumbs. Have one on hand "april" bagto have something to pick up, but we only give it to him if we live beside him, so as not to swallow a piece.Other favorite game is dugdosбs. You can't find the location of the different shapes, but if you show us where the piece of hand you are holding fits into, press it in. The wooden rods, which can be inserted into the holes in the wooden board, serve a similar purpose. Once you've shown what you can do with kits, twelve to sixteen months of age can handle it themselves. .
His drawings are still fluffy scribbles. Let's put a big cat wrapping paper on the ground to make room for it. At this age, you will hold the pencil even more. Don't fix your hand, it will change by itself for years. Thick colors, fats are the best in a toddler's hands. For a long time it occupies itself with a screw cap with cool glasses. If we show him how to rotate, he'll be twisting between the ages of twelve and sixteen months. gyцngyfыzйs. Between the ages of sixteen and sixty months, you can give your baby a big, thick-hole ice cream and a pair of colorful shoelaces or sneakers. The latter can be easier, but also more dangerous: be careful not to dry yourself.

Smaller or larger boxes

At this age, even the most expensive developer games are the most expensive to throw away, if the child appropriate size box he took a look. It's the best you can get into it. Your side should not be too tall to soak in, and it wouldn't hurt to have the foot out there. It will be your car (boat, airplane), it will load your teddy bear or baby. Even more delicate, tooth-filled plastic dishes. It does not go wrong during use, and you can carry a bit of looping around on your tooth. With some chopping, gluing, painting we can turn a honeybee hut into a hut, but the baby will love to move in without a hitch. Let's go visit her, knock on her door, take a flower, peek out her window. Let's put on a small set of pillows so you can dress up. It can be a shop, a pet shop, a car repair shop or a wheelhouse. Small but solid boxes can be used to raise a tower. You only slowly realize that you have to put the bigger ones on the bottom, the smaller ones on the top. The higher, the better, and the fun of it. There will be a train arranged horizontally one after the other. Let's show you how to make the bigger the smaller, and so on. The shoe boxes are a great store: with colorful adhesive pads, you can organize your plastic animals, items, pads and cubes with ease. They can be to build a tower, or serve a suspicious little character. If we have two pieces, put one of the raisins in one of them: will the baby hit where it is? If we filter some rice into the eyes, we can get a great instrument.

Exciting variety

A little one-year-old can use a pair of tweezers with his thumb and index finger. You'll find a lot of fun in the tiny objects. This can be utilized in the luscious dining area: for breakfast, for snacks, for small snacks of fruit, butter croutons. Let's make a little hat on soldiers' heads from greenery.- Let's put a lot of tiny, colorful figures (dice, doll, surprise toy, gravel, button) into a textile bag. Let's settle down a little on the carpet and roll out the bag. Let's put the little pieces together, come up with short stories for each character.
- Collect interesting pebbles and small snails on the waterfront. Let's draw a ladybug, a stickman on the ground, and put his eyes and dots on pebbles. First, the kid only takes the pebbles out of place, and sooner fits in.
- Make sour flour from plasticine or from heat-hardened plasticine into small dumplings, then strain them on a loop. After hardening, they will contain beads. Never leave the little one alone with the exciting little things, as you may have to put it in your mouth, nose it, or accidentally inhale it. Let's put everything carefully after the games.They may also be interested in:
- Let's play beanbags!
- 10 indoor players over
- Let's play with the little kids


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