An allergy to antihistamines is the solution, not calcium

An allergy to antihistamines is the solution, not calcium

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The pollen season improves, with allergic burns, nose and eye itching, runny nose and nasal congestion. There are several ways to alleviate the symptoms, but it doesn't matter which one you take.

An allergy to antihistamines is the solution, not calciumFor more information on antihistamines, dr. Sir Ildikó lung healing, allergic, lung center doctor.

Which Antihistamine Are You Treating For Allergic Allergies?

Antihistamines can be first or second generation drugs. Second-generation formulations for the treatment of respiratory allergies include the most advanced, new-type antihistamines. These have the advantage of not limiting our daily activities. In addition to picking, there is less fatigue and first-generation fatigue, and there is only a small amount of fatigue.

What are the alternatives?

Antihistamines are marketed under more than one brand name. However, which one is the right choice is not theirs, but their active substance and symptoms. Pills, drops, eye drops, nasal sprays and gel are available depending on the patient's annual weight and complaints.

If I'm better, can I stop taking it?

If taken because of pollen allergy, we can apply the remedies all season long, during the pollen drying of the allergen plant. The best results can be obtained when used over long periods of time, not only at high pollen concentrations. Dr. Ildikó Tárnok emphasizes that it is advisable to continue taking the medication as prescribed even if the patient feels better. If you reduce the dose of your medicine at this time, the drugs will not be able to work properly.

No prescription, or no prescription?

Another possible cause of allergic symptoms, even when taking antihistamines, is that the active ingredient was not properly selected. This is usually the case for medications taken without prior medical examination. The best results can be expected when using personalized therapy, under medical supervision, which may mean combining more than one drug.

I take antihistamines, but I also have other symptoms. What to do?

The antihistamines mainly reduce the runny nose, thirst, pain, throat and eye itching. If you have other respiratory complaints, you may need other types of treatment. Not enough antihistamines are needed for this, and other medications are needed to relieve the symptoms. The following symptoms are indicative of an onset of allergic asthma: - Exercise such as stagnation, runny nose
Chest tightness
- sparkle flaming
- Night or morning sickness.If you experience the above symptoms, it is recommended that you have a flame test to determine if you are actually suffering from asthma or other illnesses.
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