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Nowhere in Europe are there as many ultrasound examinations as in Hungary. What can we expect from him? Memorable, exciting and heartwarming moments, peace of mind or anxiety about poor results?

Ultimately, ultrasound is not a baby cinema, it is not just a matter of wondering who the tummy will look like. However, at present there seems to be no reason why we should at least go for a "pay" examination that is not explicitly meant to be profitable. Of course, the baby is healthy, you can't hear it! When the exam says it, all expectant mothers look bright. And the technique has undergone such a daunting development that we really get to know a lot of small details before the baby is born. There is no further evidence that this is harmful to the fetus, but there are certain limitations that must be taken into account: the baby should not be ultrasonically continuously for extended periods of time as the water in the baby may warm and this may be unpleasant for the baby. If you look good, it will take up to ten minutes to get you covered, you will need to lure it first. The most effective way to do this is to let your worried mum calm down, caress her stomach, and talk to her father or sibling. You can see the result almost immediately on the screen, because you can talk to the fetus! Brothers also have quite a few findings. For example, a little boy exclaimed when he saw his little brother's spine drawn on the monitor: Mom, you have a zipper in your stomach?
The "zero"
From the fourth week on, pregnancy can be detected with ultrasound. At this time, only the thickened bladder lining is visible, with the ovary at the fifth week, and the ovary at the sixth. From the fifth to the sixth week the heartbeat also appears. In this case, a vaginal ultrasound examination may be more accurate, but a screening test is still not performed. They want to know if a baby is developing a pregnancy, has one or more babies, has no abnormality in the uterus (like myoma, split old lungs), and is able to develop a fetus. Ultrasound and menstrual times do not always match, plus-one to two weeks may differ.
The "first"
It can be done between the 11th and 14th weeks. At week 12, it is ideal for a first examination of the Down Core (see the lumbar spine, nasal passages, and viscera), and you can see if the limbs, the skull, the skull, It measures the exact dimensions of the fetus, the length of its main bones. Its length is the so-called CRL value, ie the distance from the head to the buttocks. By the 16th week, the fetus is still fully visible on the monitor, and now you can see only the details: for example, the face, the toes.
The "second"
18-20. has been doing genetic screening for the AFP results for almost seven weeks. They measure the exact size of the fetus, make sure that the spine is closed, the limb bones are developing properly, and there are no organ changes in the kidney, stomach, heart, diaphragm, brain. Any lip splits are visible. It is also possible to change the amount of amniotic fluid, but it is highly dependent on the actual condition, the examiner also has the ability to test the baby's fetal water (ultrasound). Too much water can indicate infections, diabetes, or some form of closure disorder, heart failure, and the small amount of fetal water that has circulatory or circulatory problems. Occasionally, the cushion may still be unfavorable because it touches or covers the inner lining of the lining, but this can change a great deal until the end of pregnancy. In this test, the expected date of birth can also be estimated based on the size of the baby. If the baby has had a large abortion, an ultrasound examination of the vagina can be used to check that the inner larynx is closed.
The third"
At this point, the focus is on developing the fetus and improving the amount of fetal water. You may be facing some growth if you fall short. The hide is usually a degree of maturity, this is normal. In the case of smoking, blood pressure, diabetes, the pie is usually whiter, in which case it may be grade two or three. If the test sees this, it also performs flowmetry to check that the fetus has adequate blood and oxygenation through the cord. They also look at the baby's position, but it can change a lot before birth, even in frontal effects.
The "fourth"
At the last pre-natal examination, at week 36, the fetal position, probable weight, and weaning date were determined. There is no need for a thorough examination of the previous cesarean section with a very full bladder, as this may reveal signs of scarring or, on the contrary, that the scar is natural. Flow testing may be repeated if the doctor suspects that the fetus is not adequately treated.
Who pays for the exams?
Thus, the basic examination in pregnancy care is covered by the social security system, so you do not have to pay for it yourself. In case of self-orderers (the majority of 4D orders are this), if the baby has a health money tag, it is absolutely necessary to ask if the chosen order has a relation to the money, because if yes, you can request $ 10 the return of a part.
The experience of our specialist
- During examinations, my mother often does not look at the screen, but in my eyes. They see if I smile or make my face sad. Fearful anxiety is caused by the concern that the baby may not be okay. The routine examinations carried out in the hospital during pregnancy care sometimes frighten the baby, with a few short or even just results. They come to us with this problem every day. Fortunately, however, in most cases, a thorough ultrasound examination revealed that there was no need for concern, says Gyôrfi Mátty.
What we are scared of
Thick (or cervical) thickness
11-14. weekly testable, well measurable data, although there are differences in the measurement techniques of different test subjects and the resolution of the different machine types. If the fold is thicker at 3-4 millimeters, the risk of the Down larynx in the fetus is increased. Some are proposing a genetic test for a pregnant mother of up to 2.5 millimeters. However, the measured values ​​are not 100%! At much higher values, the fetus can still be healthy, and even with a fetus with Down syndrome, the neck fold can be perfectly normal.
Do you see the nasal bone?
It is more difficult to see than the lumbar spine, but it is true that in the case of fetuses with Down's lobe, the nostril is often not seen between the 11th and 14th weeks. However, this is only a sign among many that is not a cause for concern on its own, since the fetus simply lies without seeing the nasal bones, though it is, and vice versa, with a well-visible nasal cavity.
Cool bowels
Hyperechogenic intestines are also a sign of Down's syndrome and very often cause extraordinary alarm. Expression means that the ultrasound image of the intestines stands out from the surrounding tissues. That's because the intestines are full. It is also just a status among many, they may have passed, dulutans are already empty. If the condition is very good, you should look for the cause. Not only a Down course, but also a healing problem, such as closed or lacking in judgment.
Brain cyst
You can detect the test at any time during pregnancy, but its diagnostics require increased attention. Cysts can often be seen in the second third, but this is a transient condition that is always resolved and generally does not appear in the control test at all. It can also be a reference to a toxoplasma infection, in which case your doctor will determine if you are really suffering from this.
Kidney pain in the fetus
18-20. we usually notice it weekly. Simple kidney trouble is very rare. It can be seen more often in boys than in girls and is self-organized after birth. The cysts in the kidney cortex require more severe abnormalities and require further examination.


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