Esther's Diary - Week 24Transformers

Esther's Diary - Week 24Transformers

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Excitement, Fascinating Wake, Fears at Week 24.

Photograph: Rabbert Lбszlу of Bacssi

We look forward to seeing this baby boy with Gays, very much. Each time we'll still have a picture of what her face, her nature ... will smell. We agreed to go and see Barn on 4D ultrasound at 26 weeks. Nanбhogymegnйzzьk! I'm excited like a little baby before Christmas! I can't believe we're gonna fall into my womb, and we're gonna grab his face, his little body, with sounds. At this point, I only like the imperturbability of the 21st century. That this kid has no secrets in my life! In the meantime, we count the days and arrange the apartment. All 47 square meters. Our wedding took place in the wardrobe assembly, cleaning and basement floor line. We assembled, discarded, scrapped, scrapped, dusted, carried, and packaged like Theaters. Eredmйnnyel. There was more room in the little room, and in my soul it was peaceful. I don't know how she is, but she can frustrate me when I'm afraid. Or I'm not at all. This pregnancy thing is… then it is a continuous preparation. There's always something left to "get the bass out of", "oh! Don't forget", "what the hell do we do?" Well, let's say this is also a nice point because, as I have mentioned many times, Giza's work is incalculable, so if there is no rotation for a few days or weeks, then after a little rest, we don't do everything. Such as cleaning (because not everything goes by itself), bulking, carrying, carrying, wherever you need it. Because her boyfriend disappears for a month (they can be interpreted afterwards), and then she only sees that she has a baby in her baby.
I visited a friend of Ildi's, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, an Esther. Quick and easy as described in the general ledger. The baby is terribly cute, the way it should be, beautiful, shapely, healthy, and thank God Ildi is good too. We have known each other since childhood, Balatonszemes, where we will be spending the 30th of this year. Yeah, holidays are not exactly three months old in recent years, but there is always time to spend the year. Now, though, I didn't wait until I wanted to know everything. Sometimes my curiosity can make my life quite difficult. There are things you better not know about. Or only when it's really time. But hey, I'm not crazy about myself, I have to tell you everything in advance, including the possible bad, so we got all the way to Tena. What I got illustrated with a package just to be sure, birth is the end of femininity. Birth is the end of womanhood ?! But how can this be? This is a real paradox (an insoluble opposite)! The promise, the birth, is the physical and spiritual fulfillment of the woman - in the books. In this case, as the Millennium of Venus, we symbolize fullness, life, and fertility. We are delighted and blossomed. It sounds good too. But when I look at the diaper size that we need to wear in the days after birth, I somehow feel like a cherry blossom. "Breast Primary Role in Baby Nutrition" - New Books. I'll get used to that. As well as the fact that my piss is hollowed out sometimes. We still laugh at them with Géza, mostly reassured that he also laughs, maybe because he is still funny. Because we know this is not incontinence. (So ​​far I've only heard such words in commercials). For the time being, the baby is leaning on my bladder ... and what's going to be there after birth ...? I asked that too, but I won't say it. I pulled myself out. I forget, and I hope that everything will be old. Or something like that. And don't tell me that it is pity and pity to talk about, think about, ask, worry about! Because why would that be? My body is mine. Along with his changes. Thirty years of watching, training, eating, nurturing, paying attention. Then the minimum I need to be clear about is now! After all, it transforms with my soul in a good case! In the worst case, bad dissonance will occur, but if there are any, there will be consonance. Some have a day, some have a month to get used to, but the conditions will be MOKS. I'm always giving back to the nine months, that's it, it's so good, and it's enough to be sorry, learn my body again, and understand its primary, wonderful ancient function: the image. Hбnem? Hбde. And looking at it from here on out, we girls and girls are all pretty darn good. Top models of pollinated women!


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