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(S) Twin twin XIV.

(S) Twin twin XIV.

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Spring is here! The days are running, the shoes used in the plastic three-wheeler are worn, the standard birds are back, and Prime Ministerial candidates are back. I think a premiered show from Phoenix would do well against spring fatigue.

My friend Béla tells me that the keg brought great care to her. They had to unpack the nursery, repaint the walls, paint the doors, clean the carpets, wash the windows, remove the expired toys from the bed, and scrub the slugs.
I didn't want to put off my enthusiasm by letting go of what we're reluctant to do after every dinner.
- What's that cute little guy? asked my weak girl the other day when, as part of our evening ceremony, I dared to ask them at the sight of the glorious cup in their room. As if we had hit the Finns at least in a hockey game, there was practically no square inch of patches that would not have been plush. "The worshipers are coming, but they are yawning instead of sleeping," Zsoma said, then came round and echoed my Father's delusions in the Duluth: - "Let Tessee finish!" - "Stop!" with expenses he tried to induce the unruly (and, in fact, terribly dormant) set of animals. I was a bit crooked before the gloom and tried desperately to recall the intellect of the Ranschburg teacher in this regard. The silent inside bet remains that I will be most patient when it comes to, if necessary, I will anesthetize the anesthetic, I will tell the dreamy tale thirty times, of course, we will drink a sip, yes, we will open , please, turn it on, kill it, bring it in, take it out ...
In my observation, everything was simpler. When I was a kid, equipped with a spinach bowl and a small spoon, I was able to ruin my grandmother's kitchen with up to two meters of radius, which is a small amount of attention in the Great Chinese Ferris Port.
Today, dedicated drug makers - from sneaking sweets to every kid's pharmacy - dispense syringes to help like-minded parents like me. There's nothing wrong with that as long as, say, my son doesn't get the antibiotic-filled syringe. In this case, the two-dimensional theory is overwhelming, because it can be easily reached from the nursery to the kitchen. (The cats then sneak very carefully at the nursery door and seem very antibacterial.)
Spring Winds…
For a while, it looked like my son was in line for the nomination, but eventually the nomination committee didn't get to the letter line in the letter K. To be honest, we didn't really mind because we thought we'd find out that Easter eggs are not brought by the bunny but by the kennel. (Not to mention that Zsoma prefers to freeze dinosaur yogurt for ice cream than, say, family buttermilk.)
I thought it was even better that the swallows had returned to our small village on the Ipoly, the garden had blossomed, the abbey had to be pricked for pruning, the fire could be planted in the garden for the next winter. And that will almost certainly be the case ... (as it will be spring again).


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