These are the best elementary schools

These are the best elementary schools

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Choosing a school is not an easy task. There are several aspects parents can decide on which school type best suits them and their child. We now present one aspect.

These are the best schools

The school introductions for parents of 6-7 year olds are better. Parents are not in a difficult position because there are many aspects to consider when choosing a school. Some requests are worth clearing just before we go to schools: what we think about knowledge, learning, transferability, parenting and teacher relationships, the role of the child in school. We can simply ask ourselves what the school really means, what it serves, what it is like for the child's life. One aspect may be how well the school's results are. These results can be found in various competency tests, although opinions differ widely as to what each means in the state. national competencies presents its results in a comparative manner. The Top100 2015 list, which ranked the top 100 schools in Hungary and appeared on the site at the end of 2016, proved to be so popular that it now ranked the entire Budapest primary school rankings. based on mathematics and glass translation. The list does not include the 6th and 8th grade high school classes, as there are a number of students screened for admission. In the 8th grade, average in mathematics is 1618 points and in glass translation 1567 points.Higher scores mean that the school performed better than the national average, while the lower scores meant that it performed worse. We now show the first 10 schools in the full list. The rankings are listed according to the number of students, with the school's management number and name. Scores show mathematics first and then translator. The full list is available here.1. 1125. General School of Virgna 1895/1753
2. 1142. Zugloui Hajуs Alfred Hungarian-German Two Teaching Language Elementary School 1867/1779
3. 1048. Budapest IV. District Babits Mihбly Hungarian-English Two Teaching Language Elementary School and Grammar School Hungarian-English Two Teaching Language Elementary School 1823/1809
4. 1122. Vosrosmajor Grammar School and Kús Kбroly Elementary School Singing Music Schooled 1831/1773
5. 1033. Ubudai Harrer Pбl General School 1764/1789
6. 1107. Bornemisza Peter Gymnasium, Elementary School, Primary School of Art and Sports 1867/1681
7. 1121. Zugligeti General School 1787/1760
8. 1181. Budapest XVIII. District Výrössmarty Mikhail Singing, Elementary School and Grammar School 1813/1733
9. 1125. Yуkai Mуr German Primary School 1786/1744
10. 1125. University of Physical Education Internship School and Gymnasium 1795 / 1735If you are interested in how the ranking of schools in the district is based on the Ministry of Education's Competency Assessment, you can visit this page. This is based, for example, on Part II. district, we can deal with very strong schools, because even at the end of the list, the drop-outs are barely below the national average. Here you will find a constantly updated, extensive list.
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