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Abdominal stomach, stings during pregnancy - what is normal and what is not

Abdominal stomach, stings during pregnancy - what is normal and what is not

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You can be scary when you start to digest your stomach accidentally, right? Read on to find out when and when not normal when you have a headache.

Abdominal stomach, stings during pregnancy - what is normal and what is not

"Different types of muscles, tissues and ligaments hold the uterus," he says. dr. Holly Puritz, head of Sentara Lee University in Virginia. "And muscles are tense from time to time, which is something they can often do with pain." megfeszьl. What is important - dr. According to Puritz - to find out if this is stressful or spasmodic, when it counts as normal and when it is not.Reasons you can spasm during pregnancy:

During early pregnancy

It is good news that there are many harmless reasons you can experience pain in the very near future of your pregnancy.First trimester"Many of these have lower stomachs may indicate the presence of a pregnancymoreover, adherence of the fertilized ovum on the stomach may be somewhat painful. We call this the pain of cure, which is a lot more sensory as if you want to come, "says Dr. Puritz." rapid bladder growth the first two trimesters can also cause cramps, he says dr. Chad Klauser Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. In addition, increased gas production, fatigue and constipation caused by hormonal changes also contribute. The majority of pregnant women experience some type of mild abdominal pain in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, "Dr. Klauser adds. (Also, good news: this occasional occurrence, mild pain does not cause miscarriage.)Second trimesterThe "middle" of pregnancy is the period when least currenciesthat the mother would experience any abdominal pain. The only exception is to have more children under your heart, because the woman is growing so fast that she can actually wear third trimester size. Another possibility is that the tapes that go on are being carried (due to the growth of the bee) and this pregnant mother kills her. This is usually a short-lived, sharp, one-sided pain. The third, more serious, but very rare reason is that the spits think of the anomaly. fibrуmбt indicate. This annual hypertrophy (which is also more common in African-American women) is slowing down as the third trimester approaches, as there is not enough blood to sustain growth. When we are confronted with this, pain usually occurs between the 15th and 18th weeks of pregnancy. If you had a high level of fibroids before pregnancy, you should inform your doctor, who will look at you during the critical period and refer you to the hospital when needed.Third trimesterThe third trimester is the time when those particular Braxton-Hicks contractions can occur. These are the same contradictions that we will experience in childbirth, but the difference is that in this case, pain does not lead to birth. Of course, if we experience such contractions in the third or even second trimester of pregnancy, it is important to note that we are not really facing the signs of premature birth.

Signs when pain is completely normal

had sex with your father. This is the first thing dr. Puritz tells me if your patients are calling you to eat meat. "Communicating is one of the most common causes that can trigger a mouthful," he says. "That's because ondу contains prostaglandin hormone, which stimulates the uterus. sex is safe, just be aware that we may experience very strong spasms afterwards. Therefore, if the marital life is really cold, I usually advise my patients to have no trouble, relax, and provide proper fluid retention. " Removal of excess or excess gases brings relief. Indicates that the gastrointestinal complaints They are not concerned with the moth.

Types Of Wasting Never To Be Ignored!

Six or more concussions within an urn - this may indicate premature birth. These symptoms can also indicate an extra pregnancy. The bleeding is aborted or ъn. may also indicate an inferior placenta (the placenta adheres to the passive section of the uterus). we have had a few premature pregnancies, no immediate pregnancy, or abnormal cushioning in our body. They may indicate blindness, kidney stones, or gall bladder problems.If the pain does not ease with time or changes in posture.

How to alleviate pain

The first council that dr. Puritz gives his clients that relax, sleep well, consume more fluids, and if they do not help, they may relieve your pain with paracetamol-containing painkillers. "However, do not apply any type of warming pressure on your stomach (sour cherry pad, hot water bottle) as increasing body temperature can be dangerous during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. hot shower, stretch their muscles or walk one (the latter is strongly recommended when doing overwork). Any time you feel uncomfortable, feel free to call and pray. "I always tell my patients that it is better to be afraid than to be frightened," says dr. Puritz. "It's cool to see my baby and to say that it's okay to skip over something that could have been prevented if I stepped in in time."Related articles during stomach pregnancy:
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