That's why I was born over 40

That's why I was born over 40

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It is not infrequent that a woman's life turns out to be the mother of only forty forty.

That's why I was born over 40Despite the often overwhelming social pressures, the "run out of time" mentality, and the many health risks that have been repeatedly stated, we are increasingly assuming that having a baby over forty is the best decision in our lives. Now mother of three shared with us her story and reasons for her 40+ childbirth.

"There's no perfect time for having a baby"

When I asked Christ (45) why he was born after his 40th birthday, he said he had not prepared, had not reached the stage where he had had the time to have a child. Many of us who commit fraud for a variety of reasons, and in part Christians have been trapped in it. " I really liked it. I didn't feel like it was time to be a mother. I was aware that having a baby would come with a lot of resignations in every sense, so I wanted to stay alive for a while. ; then if it is, then if it ... After all, I know that there is no perfect time for childhood. When I found myself getting 40 years old, I was a little scared. So the events got so hot and luckily things worked out really well. As we decided, I became pregnant almost immediately. Now I know how great this is, because women much younger than me often expect years for a baby if they are able to conceive spontaneously at all, "says Kriszta.
"Motherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to a woman, along with your own hardships. I used to say that the bar was very busy, I had a great life in front of my child, and nothing changed for the moment. By this I am not saying that certain things are not lacking, but it is such a different level that, if you can choose, it is a thousand times more than childless, free life "- the mother shares her thoughts Seeing the difficulty of having a baby over forty, he mentioned the passive role of grandparents. After all, they may not be able to play a role in family life as usual because of their age. He also noted that now that his baby is 5 years old, he is keen to baby a bit, but by age he will not have more children.

"I'm thankful for the fact that the world has become richer with Bron!"

Anita (47) is the mother of three children. She had two baby girls in her late twenties, and then, after her 40th birthday, decided that her family could be extended. " The girls welcomed the little idea and after a few days I decided unequivocally that We're just in time for a baby. My baby soon conceived and although I did not enjoy every minute of my pregnancy, I did not have any concerns that my age could give me any problem. I was blind to my doctor, and I used to give birth to my babies, and luckily everything worked out the best. " children and after the established routine to return to the baby, but Anita's words are not at all suggestive. "For us, this whole thing was an incredibly positive thing. One of the best decisions of my life is to survive motherhood for so long. So I feel like I have become more relaxed, and I see the whole process in a new light. I'm thankful for the fact that the world has become richer with Bron! "Anita shares her insights.

"But then you have really come ..."

Finding a pair is not easy. Finding someone with whom you think it is worthwhile to start a family is tremendously difficult. Nowadays, when it comes to life relationships, and marriages that grow bigger and bigger, one's soul can often feel that he or she is not on the right side of a partner. Adrienn (41) had no support for her childhood ambitions for her first marriage. He praised my career, and started to learn that I was still studying, or that I was just getting there. he didn't think it was worth giving up made sure we had a child. Of course, we always talked about "but then he's really coming ..." and I believed it. Then I thought I was 37 years old and our marriage was getting worse and so I decided - that's all, I expect "- the woman remembers it all. I believe in caregiving and I know it's not unexpected that I just met the one I was with. Although my couple had a little boy from a previous relationship, we weren't asked to have a common child. The most interesting thing is that although I was pregnant in my last marriage, but the baby did not come, I ran to the doctor for a while. In this happy relationship I was spontaneously conceived a year before my fortieth birthday, "the mother says happily. Adrian is similar to my other interviewee generally did not last the many voices he said about the risks of having a baby and more than the difficulty of post-natal rumination, and the malevolent or because of the lack of a partner or the wrong partner, he said, "Don't wait! And DO NOT give up your childhood! I have a dream, my existence, my three degrees, my club, my family, I travel a lot "- but now my life has become really round with our eight-month-old boy!"
  • Thus, the chances of a woman becoming pregnant change with age
  • Above 40 the same chance of getting pregnant
  • It's not fashionable for us to be born over 40


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