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Breast milk online?

Breast milk online?

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Where can a pregnant mother who wants to feed her baby with breast milk, and she can't solve it by herself?

Numerous immune substances, enzymes, and hormone in breast milk cannot be suppressed by any artificial formula, so it can be useful if a newborn baby wants to feed their baby with this "miracle" as long as possible. Even if the milk is historically derived from another mother. We have compiled the possible pathways for the selection of the sibling, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

The safest: breast milk strain

Breast milk collectors aim to deliver breast milk in "official form" to infant suffering from it. If a baby has more milk than its own baby can consume, it can deliver a valuable excess to a breastfeeding baby. Thanks to the institution, the sale and the buyer are good too - milky moms receive a tax-free income of 1800 HUF per liter, and parents of adoptive babies get a controlled source of breast milk. After all, fresh milk is checked both quantitatively and qualitatively (check whether it contains added water or any germs) and then pasteurized. The stations also provide sterile glasses and free breast breast packs to the donating moms.

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Hint: Inquire about the possibility of breast milk collection. For example, Heim Paul Boulevard in Budapest visits the capital's milk mothers at home three times a week and delivers milk to the car by car.

The most comfortable is the Internet

Despite the fact that breastfeeding stations also pay for the delivered milk, there is plenty of milk available for sale on the Internet. Almost every major online "marketplace" has access to fresh or frozen merchandise, and there are groups specializing in this exchange in public portals. And while it is easy to find the nearest milk source to us, the unofficial one is certainly not completely harmless. Because milky mothers do not always have the necessary (negative) findings, and unfortunately it is impossible to check if the breastfeeding mother has consumed any unhealthy food, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, herbs or any consciousness. The greatest risk of contamination is, however, caused by the non-sterile conditions of milking and storage - such as a poorly clean headgear or storage bottle.
Hint: You can run a lot of cheats on the Internet, so think twice about who you are negotiating with. If possible, try talking to the seller via skype on your webcam before buying, so that you can put a face next to the name.

The Middleton: Milk Brother

Avoiding the full anonymity and uncontrollability of the Internet, as well as sales and buyer interactions, include a page on Mother Milk, which currently has more than 400 followers. The Esther Chain Breast Milk Team has been dealing with frozen and fresh breast milk throughout the country since 2001. The nonprofit foundation's $ 3,000 sign-up exchange helped for three months to get the sales and buyer to match, but there is also a free offer that can be exempt from the registration fee. While breastfeeding mothers are required to fill in a form to provide information about their health status, nutrition, drug consumption, and breast-feeding habits, they are required to answer. The system, despite its sources of error, is still working, since breastfeeding and weaning mothers find it hard to find one - as opposed to metropolitan opportunities, they currently earn less than a dozen.
Hint: If you are a family, close relative, friend, breastfeeding mother, who has plenty of milk, ask if there is a personal milk drink. So either you're a wild stranger or freaking out, and the closer you know, the less risk you have of trying to fool you.