In the car with the little one

In the car with the little one

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How can you avoid feeling sick while traveling? Easy and tricky!

The tranquil travel is also ahead of time
you can use homeopathic remedies

The baby's brain is still immature, so it won't go wrong, and the car will rather ruin it. However, the baby's brain is much more advanced, and it senses that there is "movement" information from the sense of touch and balance, even though the eye is "calm", especially if they have a textbook in the car. Which one is right now? You can prevent confusion by looking for more distant sights in the milk instead of picture book browsing. Who first gets a cow, a bicyclist, a tractor? Or schedule a trip for a little kid's daytime sleep - you won't have a crush on sleep.

Longer before five

Give her a pill or a homeopathy remedy for nausea before leaving. Ask your pediatrician for advice. Make a note of the effect you have experienced and try to figure out what your views are. It is important that the child sits comfortably in the safety seat. With a damp, ventilated terry cloth in summer, you can ensure that your back does not fit into the body. Blind the window: It's cold in the car when the sun is up. If you are in the business of backpacking, you do not have to have fun with it - you too can easily have fun. Set the cooler to 18 degrees Celsius, the cool light to the nasty, at most, apply a light blanket if you are freezing. Take some fresh lemon juice with you. Spray it on the kid's palm and nape or drop a few drops of lemon oil on a handkerchief. It smells good for nausea, nausea, heartburn, headache, and has a calming effect, but it does not calm down.

In the car with the baby

Sip it with cold peppermint tea or lemon water, which will fix your sick stomach. It is important, however, not only for liquids to be shot through. Stop occasionally, get out of the car, and wake up and bite some of the wholemeal bread. Instead of long-lasting, hard-to-digest fats and cheeses, taste green, fruit, and oatmeal.
Sudden bends, gas-style driving style wears every travel. Ask Dad to avoid these tricks or give you the power when you are driving together.

What does help with nausea?

- distraction
- good climate and comfort in the car
- aromatherapy
- homeopathic remedies
- more small portions, light snacks
- Cold water or fresh peppermint tea
frequent breaks
- a steady pace of travel
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