The story of the man and his friendGyarmati Viki

The story of the man and his friendGyarmati Viki

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So that you don't have to run the storybook all the time, we're giving you the fairy tale now.

Outside a winter dune, cold winds and gray clouds were gathering in the sky. Poci - the chestnut-haired little boy - was trainin 'in his warm room. Suddenly, Mom noticed that huh was falling in huge flakes.
- Come on quickly! Look, huh is falling! she gave birth to the baby boy. Poci ran to the window and watched the meat with wondering round eyes.
- Get the hoops! Poci ran to the door.
- Let's get up and go in March! Mother replied as she began to move her baby boy. By the time they stepped into the courtyard, they had covered everything with a blanket. And the huh was just falling and falling down in fluffy fluff. Poci stretched out his little hands above the scowl and caught a laugh at the hippies.
- Let's get a big tummy huhman! Mom suggested, and crushed a good bullet.
- Now let's crush it in the hoo, so that it is a pretty big tummy! Yeah! Mom said.
Poci also rolled the snow enthusiastically. Three huge balls were made. Mom just put them together. Below is the largest, then the middle ball, and the smallest.
- Hыha! All he needs is an eye, a mouth, a nose, and he'll be a pretty hubby! the father's voice rang from afar.
- Dad! Father! Look, I did the head here! Poci ran to his father. Mom gave me a gutter and a nap for nose and eyes, then Dad hurried over and kissed each other. Together we finish the Humberman. Even a foot-turned-hat.
- This is the most beautiful hunter in the world! Poci said as he embraced his round hippo with his tiny arms.
- He's really pretty! Dad smiled.
- Let's go in now because it's very cold! Mother gave birth.
- Don't go! the little boy embraced his parents. - The hunter will be alone here in the cold!
Dad's great idea was then.
- Let's make him a friend! he offered with a smile.
Poci was very crazy. We started to roll the snow again. Soon the little friend of the hunman was ready.
- You're not alone! Mom said.
- You won't be afraid of the dark! Poci replied happily.
They quickly went into your warm home. Toci ran to the window before falling asleep.
- Good night, I'll see you in the morning! he gestured to the men in the courtyard.
As if they had spoken the words of the little boys, the Humans smiled kindly from their twigs. The evening's tale was born of a friend.
- My henchman has a friend too! Poci said happily, before he was blown away.