Skin color changes

Skin color changes

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What kind of skin we are born to in the world depends on our genius. The darker ones have more skin colors than the lighter ones. However, it is possible that our born skin changes.

Skin color changes

For example, if we are sunbathing in the sun or if - and this is a better variation - we are going to be a brown tiger for the holidays. And there is a disease in the background of color change.Andika has come to the world with great weight, seemingly healthy. Well sucked and the first three days went well. It was just like she was going home from the church the next day when her mom realized that I'm frightened.


She gave birth to the pediatrician, who carefully examined the baby. Afterwards, they said they would wait a few more days to go home, and they would do a little minor examination. Over the next few days, the baby would die more and more frequently. Lastly, it was not only during tanning, but also at rest, the skin had a blue tinge. It turned out to be small his heart developed abnormally in the uterus. Moved to a heart surgery center. An ultrasound performed there and a cardiac catheter-based colorectal examination revealed that he had a tetralogy of Fallot. there is a hole connection between the big calipers, besides a hole in the inner wall of the heart. Never used bleached blue veins and fresh red arthritis blood in the original text. But in Fallot tetralogy, yes, that's why such babies are blue. As a result of poor circulation, this disease leads to the child not developing at such a rate as his / her health, small stature, weakness, and fever. And - no matter how terrible it is - without proper intervention, it is not worth the adult age. Fortunately, there is a solution today: surgical intervention. The operation - often several consecutive operations - can restore the circulatory conditions. It was fortunate that it was resolved at six weeks, and still in relatively good condition. The first surgery did not solve all of the problems, but already this intervention has greatly improved circulation. His dying of blue, he started to develop, he sat up, stood up, started talking. He's barely left behind with his healthy counterparts. She continued to check her regularly. She was also on her second surgery at the age of three, during which time everything was in place. However, unexpected complications arose because the operation of the heart's pacemaker and control system was damaged. This is a fairly common occurrence in this operation, in which case a heart rate control, known as pacemaker, should be applied to the chest skin. The same thing happened to Andik. The girl is already a college student. He regularly goes out, drinks, and goes to paddle boards in the summer. The surgical scars on his chest are still visible, but that doesn't bother Andre. "I was born three times," he tells himself.

Sgarga boy

The seven-year-old Peter spent a great summer in the village of Grandma. He battled with the village children all day, and only came home when he was home. Grandma could only free her from the costume with a long spanking. Then came September and the little boy, as a serious schooler, took his place in the first grade. However, a week later, Peti fell ill. He had a headache, a shiver of cold, a high rise, and he didn't want to eat anything. At first, the pediatrician only suspected flu and stomach upset. The next day, as he examined Petit again, he noticed that the white of his little boy's eyes was a pale shade of white. He ordered an urgent blood test, a urine test. It turned out that Petin had an infectious hepatitis, a medical name varicose hepatitis It is. Immediately they called for the rescue. The kid, on the other hand, was a little proud of what he could have saved, but he only regretted that the siren had not been born. Petit blood was bought in the hospital, it didn't go down well. Nor was it possible to see her parents through a window. Apart from that, he didn't feel bad for the other kid-boy. She was, of course, happy to be able to return home after two weeks, now regaining her normal skin. The outside news is only reported by your classmates' phone calls. For example, while they were in the hospital, they vaccinated all departments to prevent them from being hepatitis. Moreover, the relatives in the village did not escape their fate, and they too were sad. And, of course, Peti's parents, not to mention Julcsiri, Peti's great brother, Peti, have been given the viral hepatitis because they have forgotten what they need to wash at home, everything and our dirty hands are not lost, we wash our hands after using the toilet, etc. Peti is already guessing what these cues are…

Red baby, fehйr baby

Бdбm and Attila are thirteenth-year old teenagers. They are identical twins, only the very opened eyes can distinguish them from one another. Of course this is taken advantage of by the boys and regularly peppered at school by teachers. The curriculum is often "shared for reasons of economy" and is always the responsibility of the one who has learned it. Teachers have been answering twins just now and again, but there are some complications, too. The twins were born in such a serious condition, so ill, that only a quick medical intervention could survive. For it has happened that the uterus is undergoing development a twin baby pricing system formedand so the blood circulation of the two fetuses is interchangeable. Бdбm vйrйnek a rйsze emerged бtбramlott Attila keringйsйbe, ezйrt Бdбmnбl vйrszegйnysйg, lйpett mнg Attilбnбl йpp ellenkezхleg, tъlzott vйrbхsйg fel.A rendellenessйget the szьlйsz you have already йszrevette the fetal ultrasound, ezйrt segнtette vilбgra csбszбrmetszйssel the eighth hуnapban the babбkat. The newborns were in a state of fluency. Her weight was just over one kilogram, her skin was whiter and she was breathing hard. Attila, on the other hand, was two and a half kilos, his body puffed up from the mucous membrane, wholly dull, and he also struggled with circulatory difficulties. Бdбmnak urgently vйrбtцmlesztйst had to be given to burn the lack of blood. On the contrary, Attila had to shed blood. The lost blood was blotted with plasma to warm up her blood. The babies spent more than two months in the newborn ward, and they were able to go home in healing and bullying. By the time they became half, Damian had brought her serious backwardness to her brother. They would give them a little more rigor, they usually say to each other. Then everything remains in the old state, unable to become "grim vultures". But - after all this - can you marvel at this?