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Mother's voice first heard? There is nothing more wonderful - Video

Mother's voice first heard? There is nothing more wonderful - Video

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The incredible reaction of a deaf baby who first hears in his mother's voice: I love you! It's hard to watch a video without being overwhelmed by feelings!

Fortunately, there is a page on the Internet that not only shows the bad stuff, but also wonderful videos in which an adorable baby first hears the human voice, the mother's mother.Christy Keane, the uninvited actor, the mother of two-month-old Charlotte's mother, said in a statement that she had never thought that her video was going to produce that much. The cute clip has more than eight million views and is not unexpected. He was surprised when he saw that there were more than a thousand shares in a single night. "I've never seen this face before," says Christy of her girlfriend's reaction. - I'm her mother and I know her gaze when she's sad, happy, or upset. It was a frustrating moment when our eyes met and first heard my voice. There was no sign of emotion on her face. During Christy's pregnancy there was no indication that her girlfriend was deaf, so that Charlotte had been born wholly innocent. Neither Christy nor her husband had any relatives suffering from family history of hearing loss. "She was shocked," Christy says. "I've never met my deaf person." In the first 24 hours of the birth of Charlotte on August 2, doctors initially thought that dehiscence was nothing more than a little fluid. However, according to Christy, further studies have concluded that Charlotte suffers from bipolar, very . This is a surgical procedure for hearing impaired hearing and deafness. Its effectiveness is disputed, doctors are successful, deaf see it as unsuccessful. The cochlear implant is an electrode inserted into the inner lining and a connected, fully implanted relay / decoder unit.
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