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One Day Birth: That would be the consequence

One Day Birth: That would be the consequence

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Going home one day after birth? Many were quite surprised at the government's new draft. But the idea didn't come close.

One Day Birth: That would be the consequence

Early childbirth (ambulatory childbirth) is widely accepted worldwide and has become increasingly widespread in economically advanced societies over the past decades. What are you doing? Because cost-effective with securityand, last but not least, family fun.Keszler Viktorbytl, I found out from one of the organizers of the Midwifery movement that the practice of ambulatory parenting is not unknown to us. In fact, the Health Law has it the parents' right of decree, however, the valuation of this often gets in the way of distress due to the financial aversion of the hospital.

What are you up to?

The National Health Insurance Fund will only provide full support in the case of (vaginal) childbirth if the mother and her child remain in the institution for up to 72 years. And this financial austerity often puts women and their families who want to live with their right of deception in a precarious and illegitimate position. not for professional reasons but for financial reasons йrvйnyben is 72 уrбs szabбlyozбs- бrulta keszler Viktуria.Tulajdonkйppen in this material is intended to ellenйrdekeltsйget felszбmolni lйpх the jъlius 1 jйtхl йrvйnybe mуdosнtбs what - can bбr to lay szбmбra was not known szйles kцrben - valуjбban you have already rйgуta vбrtak the kьlцnbцzх parent groups , activists and professional organizations working on this topic. There is nothing more to prove this than the petition in May 2013 that sought ambulatory birth as a free choice for families. The petition also points out that it also requires financing and structural changes.

Are you happy in my life?

The change is strictly strict as to what conditions can be repatriated 24 hours after birth. It is necessary that the pregnancy is trouble-free and that the newborn spontaneously comes to the world and is in good shape. One of the special criteria of the decree is that only women who have already given birth in the 24 Urs can survive. So, whoever brings their first child to the world will be reluctant to spend 72 hours in the church? You can only guess why. Perhaps the first mothers of children with inexperience are required by the ordinance and you think that these siblings and their children will be more secure in the hospital, and thus come to a gentle request. Have Ambulatory Parents and Newborns After Care Outnumbered?

After the return home

It is important to understand that whether you are staying in a hospital for several days or during the repatriation period following an ambulatory birth, the newly born woman and her newborn cannot be left alone. The childhood period is a very well-served and sensitive period in which the defensive and helpless environment has a role to play. There are hospitals where, for example, it is always routinely separating children from their mothers, and, despite professional advice, they receive nutrition or sugary water, and parents do not always have the benefit of a shortage of food.

So does the 72-yard retention just reassure you?

If we look more closely, it turns out that the woman and the problems with her newborn release serious system errors and the fact that they do not stem from the length of time spent inside the home. szoptatбst is.Rбadбsul not nцveli the szьlйst kцvetх komplikбciуk and halбlozбs arбnyбt sem.A according to WHO, this utуbbi, ie szьlйs utбn fellйpх komplikбciуk with бllnak цsszefьggйsben to megfelelх szakszemйlyzet kнsйri attention to the mother йs ъjszьlцttjйnek бllapotбt.Fontos tehбt to rendelkezйsre бlljon properly trained specialist personnel, Whether kiйpнtett gondozуhбlуzat, szoptatбstбmogatу professionals to segнtsйgьkkel the mother of йs ъjszьlцtt бllapota megfelelхen kцvethetх be йs the gondozбs folytonossбga also biztosнtva legyen.Szerencsйre nбlunk, mбs orszбgokhoz kйpest meglehetхsen erхs the vйdхnхi hбlу, but this is not rendeletmуdosнtбst feltйtlenьl fogjбk the vйdхnхk not kitцrх It is a welcome bet, as this will generally increase your load.

Freedom of choice

In connection with the decree, Viki has also been told that it is important for women to remain free to choose. Just as there are women who have a need to stay home or stay home as soon as possible, others have a longer stay at home. megvбlaszthassбk.
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