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What is Menstrual Pain? (X)

What is Menstrual Pain? (X)

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Every month we ripen an egg in our body. In most cases, however, the egg does not become fertile, so no need for a "wort," a soft, thick mucous membrane inside the uterus. The mucous membrane disappears during menstruation.

What Causes Pain, Cramps?

The body releases a prostaglandin called hormone - which causes the uterus to contract. Ismerхs? We also use this material if you want to start a baby. The contractions are strong enough to detach the mucous membrane and push it over the vagina. We are not the same. Not just how we get out of our monthly cycle, how much prostaglandin our bodies produce, how intense these contractions are, how strong the bleeding is. Are there people among us who are? Recycling? the mucous membrane or a part of it, the bleeding is not strong because part of the mucous membrane is absorbed. If there is a lot of prostaglandin, the reaction is violent and the spasms are painful.

What is this pain like?

Everyone else. It can radiate to the legs, improve if you shrink, relieve warmth, be worse with the slightest movement, and change in size. Our ability to cure pain is also different. Behind the story, there is the habit - this is a problem we will not talk about. Even if pain has been found to be less than the intensity of a syndrome. Even in the immediate past, menstrual pain was not considered to be a medical problem. But extreme pain can be a minor organ problem.Importantly, reducing pain does not mean that the body is unable to perform its task - on the contrary, stress is reduced, quality of life is improved - if you take into account in women - this is not a small result. Homeopathic treatment can be an adjunct or alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory drugs. Homeopathic remedies are selected on the basis of the individual symptoms, so that the application requires a little more time and attention. But is this not the time of menstruation? Arrуl to pay attention to ourselves, because our body signals - we are women!

What should we observe?

What better or worse is pain? Are these the modalities of homeopathy specialist? These differences help in the selection of drugs.Is it better to shrug your forearm? Should we tighten our hands on our stomachs? Warm slightly? What is the pain? Pulse, sharp, sudden arrow? Is it like being a baby? Is it radiated to the inner thighs and worse when we lie down? But what's weird about in a better car, on the go? What strange symptoms do we find? Are we lamenting the family, being terribly impatient, and experiencing diarrhea during menstruation? Download a free e-book on natural treatment for women's problems with a detailed description of homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy tips and a monthly cycle detailed explanation!