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Folic acid dumping for pregnant women: nipple zucchini

Folic acid dumping for pregnant women: nipple zucchini

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Take advantage of the fact that everything is now green and the sun is shining a lot! Replenish your body's vitamin stores with conscious raw material logging! With this extraordinary fine grip, you will be able to comfort your growing baby, not just your nipple.

Spinach with zucchini

I approached a person:
1 crown 2 decafs of zucchini
2 deca fresh nipple
1 mark of birdwatching
Spaghetti sauce with 5 deca sponge dry durum wheat
2 tbsp pesto (also available)
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
2 small cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon of butter
sou, pepper, a bit of rum cumin Take zucchini for half an inch thick rings and butter with sour cream. In the meantime, cook the dough, mix it with the pestle, and set it aside. Toast the washed, drained spinach, suddenly stir in the remaining butter. Squeeze it a little, squeeze it with bitter rum, and squeeze it with garlic. Remove from heat, stirring hot with drained, dripping bird juice. Arrange the zucchini rings on a tray, stack the bird salad spinach leaves, and then place the top of a lightly wrapped pile of milk on top. Drizzle with parmesan and you can eat it!Apr, but useful tricks:
1. Folate acidity of green leafy greens is best if you did not heat it for a short time or at all the letters. Rapid digestion and consuming virtually no avian juice will increase your vitamin intake.
2. Garlic flavor and valuable ingredients will not be lost if you mix them with food in the last stage of cooking, which you will not cook any more. If you find the scent unpleasant, get a menthol afterwards.
3. You can find the home-made pestle recipe in the Aftermath of Your Birth in a cookbook.
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