Terézanyu Competition 2012 is on its way!

Terézanyu Competition 2012 is on its way!

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Announce your third year with Gedeon Richter Plc. And announce the Terzanyu petition. It will be a good time this year for adults to be able to apply.

The best works will be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of Forints book value this year and many more. One of the topics in this contest is giving birth to women: how much has it changed? And teenagers are waiting for the answer to what it is like to be a teenager today.
There are two categories of Terézzanyu's application in 2012:

1. Adults (18+)

Tйma: How has my life changed with my childhood?
Appeal Material: up to 5000 characters нrбs
Just like in the past, a taboo subject is at the center of the adult category: we are looking for testimonies of how a woman's life changes with her childhood. This is a request that a woman usually talks about in an idealized way, and in fact: I also think having a child is the greatest pleasure and choice in life. However, we rarely mention that this is also the most significant change in a woman's life, which involves many doubts and hardships, and affects all areas of our lives. These are difficult to talk about because we fear that in addition to our own remorse, our environment will also suffer. Azйrt vбlasztottuk this a theme because szeretnйnk nyнltan beszйlni arrуl how vбltozбsokat to the gyermekvбllalбs the йletьnkbe the pбrkapcsolatunkba the barбti our relationships, how vбltozik work vilбgбban the helyьnk how we цsszeegyeztetni the home йs work teendхket how vбltozik цnйrtйkelйsьnk, nхisйgьnkhцz And our own body is our relationship.

2. Teenager (13-18 years old)

Tйma: What is it like to be a teenager today?
Appeal Material: up to 5,000 characters and a short cell phone video Teriszanyu also kills middle school age: what is it like to be a teenager today? I find that the adult generation knows little about adolescents and has no idea what it is like to be a teenager in Hungary today. We want to get this first-hand answer and help young people get to know their world through their stories. This year's Terzanyu's appeal is for you to tell us what you and what is difficult in your teens; what is your relationship with adults; who you are friends with, what you are doing at school and what you do in your spare time; how you are dating, dating, and how boys and girls are today and how easy it is for them to thrive. In addition to describing your story, make a video recorded with a mobile phone that captures a specific moment or situation related to your interest (e.g., how you spend time after school;

Applications for both categories can be sent to the [email protected] email address by April 15, 2012. Be sure to include your age, place of residence (city), and a phone number we can spell along with your story!
We distribute hundreds of thousands of forint bookbooks and valuable publications between the creators of the applications selected by the jury in each category. Announcement of the results of the awards ceremony on May 17, 2012.
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