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The world is better with us this time too!

The world is better with us this time too!

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Have you ever heard of people with disabilities Don't give up on a band? Listen to it, you'll be amazed. And go to the concert!

Everybody is rich enough to help others, they just have to open their minds to the world - with this basic idea, the world of Better with Us started in 2008! a concert series in jury initiated by the Nemadomfel Ensemble from the Sad Youth. Their goal was to prove that survivors and people with disabilities are capable of creating value and can not only receive but also give. Hobo and his gang, Familiar Faces, Mistral and Nemadomfel will be this year's action-packed fall Autumn The world is better with us! for a concert on November 13, 2011 at the Papp Lszszlú Sportarín. Don't miss it, sing along with Hobu that I AM! As in the previous year, this year's concert will serve as a refurbishment of a passive home-based residential home in Ubud. More information about the event and the fun of it: Listen to this wonderful song!


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