9 things that can have a detrimental effect on sperm

9 things that can have a detrimental effect on sperm

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We tend to make conception successful primarily for women, although sperm health plays exactly the same role in the process.

There are many things that affect men's fertility

Here are the most important factors that can negatively influence male fertility.1. Stress
Stress not only reduces sperm concentration, but can also adversely affect the shape, size, and mobility of small champions.2. Excessive alcohol consumption
Of course, what we call so many is relative, but one thing is for sure: Like stress, excessive alcohol consumption reduces the number of healthy sperms of all shapes and sizes.3. Smoking
In addition to the health risks of smoking, it also damages the protein content of sperm. Both women and men have a negative impact on their fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage.4. Drugs
Marijuana (and any other drug) disrupts men's hormone balance. It lowers testosterone levels in the body and, according to an American study, changes the shape of sperm and encourages them to work fast, which is not being targeted.5. High Temperature Set
If there is only one common thing in mother-in-law and sperm (except for the baby), it is that they are all very sensitive to the change in temperature. Even a slight increase in the number of sperms can dissolve and cause death. Hot baths, steam, saunas, but even heated cars can negatively affect production.6. Unhealthy Nutrition
According to some research, processed meats, and others, diets poor in vitamin C and zinc can cause malnutrition in men. We are all healthy and everyone is good.7. Testing
Excessive leanness and excessive leanness have an adverse effect on the fertility of men.8. Untreated infections or other chronic diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases, if left untreated, can permanently damage the reproductive system, while other infections (such as mumps, vaginal infections) can negatively affect fertility.9. Excessive caffeine consumption
A recent study found that women and men who consumed three or more caffeine drinks a day before becoming pregnant have doubled the risk of early miscarriage.Related Articles:
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