After six years, it turned out that two babies in the townhouse were being replaced

After six years, it turned out that two babies in the townhouse were being replaced

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Although several months ago there was light on the offense, the children had not yet been able to return to the family for good reason.

Six years later, it turned out that two babies in the hospital had been replaced. And although the health authority admitted that he had made a mistake, two children were not always returned to their biological parents because one mother refused to give up the child she had raised nearly six years ago. Phung Giang Son And on November 1, 2012, his wife looked suspiciously at the newborn baby in hand because the baby had a different diaper than was last seen. However, the Ba Vi Center Hanoi staff insisted that no mistake had been made, the child is the cancer, the Vnexpress website said. This April, we finally commissioned a DNA test that proved our greatest fears: someone else is raising a child. When faced with the results of a DNA test in April, they were very similar to Sonra and his wife. In a letter, she asked for the case to be investigated and said she wanted to return the boy, the hospital suffered physical and mental distress. According to the health authority's auxiliary, the reason for the transportation is that the other mother, a 29-year-old Vu Thi Huong, who has Sonek's child, is repeated many times Despite the results of DNA tests, he is not ready to buy the boy he has raised nearly six years ago. He also lives in Hanoi Huong divorced her husband in 2015 after defending him with infidelity, claiming that their son was not at all like him.The hospital has previously publicly apologized for its repentance and condemnation for the reproach of all the spiritual pain and loss of children it has caused. According to the director of the institution, the workers involved in the 2012 incident were subject to disciplinary action for negligence and negligence. Son wants to stay in close contact with the other family so that the kids don't cry too much. The Vietnamese Ministry of Health has weekly called on the Hanoi authorities and the government to settle the matter by the end of July.