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Can you talk to the wrong mother?

Can you talk to the wrong mother?

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If you think another parent doesn't have a good child, do you have the right to intervene? This was asked by Edina and told about her shocking situation in the case of a mother who had left her baby crying in one of her baby clothes.

She let the baby cry…

Edina нrta: We went with my baby girl in the market leader in baby clothes. We were getting ready to go home, hanging out, when she was attentive to loud and bitter babies. Because the sound came from the cashier, I thought she was just paying, so she couldn't comfort her. I found that no, no, she didn't comfort her baby in the carriage, because she was paying. But not because she's on the phone. I don't know what's more important than a baby doll. Then the mother set off for breastfeeding. VЙGRE !!! I started to calm down, all right, but then he stopped at the door and put down the carrier that the poor baby was crying about. Mom was waiting for someone. Not only did she not breast-feed and take it out, but she did not give birth to two-month-old babies. The information counter was born just to let the baby go, so horny. And the mom said, "That's the kids!"
I didn't want to leave it without you, and I faded. "No, no, sorry, the kids aren't like that. The kids don't have a normal state of mind. So they absolutely need to be comforted." Of course, the mom didn't take all that well, which can be understood somewhere. But out of pure heart and sincerely, I was sorry for that serviceable little baby. What is the solution when dealing with such cases? Do we put our heads in the sand every time we hear a crying baby? After all, your baby is communicating with the crap! But do we rather catch our ears?

And so did the others…

Souls, though, I know it was in vain
In a similar case, I would definitely give birth because my heart jumps in the same way when I see a strange baby crying like when my own 11-month-old baby boy cries. Couldn't listen, give birth to the insensitive mother. Even if I really feel absolutely superfluous, I would give birth. Because you can touch a woman's heart with such emotional preferences if your baby's frustrated shit doesn't mess it up? Is it possible to impress someone who is hysterical about the couple's month-old baby crying (I know that), and is therefore aiming for parenting? Or I could mention a well-known sports reporter who said a couple of months ago in a baby magazine that she wouldn't go to bed with a baby girl again because she had to learn to sleep at night ... one of them asked: Uncle Peter, why not steal? He couldn't answer, because what could he say to someone who has no moral evidence?
Anyone who does not know how to comfort a horny baby is in vain.

Prepare yourself for Mom!

I completely understood Edina's resentment and reaction, but I've learned so much that you can only help, give advice if you can. In the field, it doesn't work. I don't think it would be worthwhile for him to be a stranger to what you are doing to your child, whatever good he intends to lead him.
What you think you can do in a similar situation is: no matter how irritating the situation is, the anxiety you want to help, stay calm and start talking gently with the other mom. Please inquire about your baby's age or ask why. Your calm voice reassures the other mom that she is not against her but with her. With some queries, you can gently control other people's thoughts, so you may notice what the problem is. Whatever comes to our minds, we always do it willingly. Probably he was also tense about the situation. Get yourself into the х place! Everyone looks at it! He might have called his father because he had forgotten the baby bottle in the car. She may be nervous, have her head tired, and in complete despair, even if she were picked up, the baby would calm down. If you are a first child, you may be more uncertain. She dared to go shopping with her because she knew at least three old babies would sleep and she had been home so far.
In response to your request, you could: No, don't put your head in the sand, but help your mom! Calm down, accept help, because it's not easy, after all! Don't assume you want your child bad!

Help with intentions

What Edina has written, DЦBBENETES! Although I was not two months old, I had a similar situation with my other son and mother at the playground. Mom always talked to the other parents, asking them what their little cuckoo was doing, whether they were walking, what they were eating, how they were eating. Then he said loudly in front of the little boy's nose, "Nah, you did NOT do this ... you see, you should ..." After all of this, I do not think that the sapling became a little wild game, and as his mother made another comment, he began to rage, hurl everything and everyone.
I pondered a lot, and talked to the other moms at the playground, and finally, in the opening sentence of the next "you don't know ...", how nicely you slide, you are a very brave little boy! " Look wonderful, the baby smiled, and the usual kicking was missed, the mom didn't hurt me, and I didn't have to "educate" her child, because that's not a good solution either. The next time the baby boy started to "run for the sand" in the sandbox (tossed the blades out of the hands of the playful kids and chuckled at the sand), his mother paused and yelped, "Stop! Hand of an aged child.
Of course, I do not need to describe the reaction. Even the kid was crying when I handed one of our cards up and just asked him, "Come play with us (my baby was one year old), you don't have to take the other baby's hands, it's more interesting! " Once again success, the end of the grin, began the forgotten games. The mom came after me, said goodbye, and talked good about parenting, fatigue, impatience. I am not stating that everything became perfect from that moment on, but even then, I just managed to achieve something.
When I meet a small, sad baby, I always smile confidently at my mom. For I am not convinced that disapproving, lip-smacking, humbling, or possibly annoyed commenting doesn't help. The smile says "I'm with you, I know what, don't disturb yourself". My baby's another year old, so now he's already saying loudly that baby is laughing, and at that level I say yes, hey, but there is nothing wrong, his mom will always comfort me as I comfort you.
Zita, email

That's what we got in our childhood

It's really important to emphasize not to let our babies cry! I wonder what the mother Edina knew about what she could feel when strangers were playing. Desperate, dhhhh? Either way, let's hope more does not expose itself and the child to this situation. What would I have done in the letter's place? I will probably go out with my kid and ask him what we can do to help his mom. And something else: you haven't heard one of your ascendants say, "Stop singing! Then stop!" And it is very true that we, our property children, were raised like this - they let us cry, we got eaten three times, we didn't change our diapers so much, and so on. We just grew up, and maybe we haven't become such a bad person, have we?
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