Do not sleep more than that

Do not sleep more than that

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If only one urn is lost in the sun, then there is a significant increase in type 2 diabetes and the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome. However, shorter naps than this are not harmful.

Children can still sleep on the beach

Almost all working people have the ability to sleep a little while in a dormant state, but according to the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), this is more dangerous than we think: 60 minutes a day increases the risk of diabetes by 45 percent. Japanese scientists have also found that shorter daily sleep, if only 45 minutes, for example, has no similar effect on health. In the course of the research, experts examined 21 previous research materials, which examined the resting habits of more than 300 thousand people. It turned out that day-to-day sleep affects the chances of developing diabetes. "The longer the time spent in day-to-day sleep, the more increased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndromeBut the exact цsszefьggйsek feltйrkйpezйsйhez is szьksйg tovбbbi kutatбsokra "- derьl the kutatуcsoport kцzlemйnyйbхl.Elkйpzelhetх according to some szakйrtхk that the cause of the цsszefьggйs йpp to be due to the vezetх diabйtesz kialakulбsбhoz veszйlyfaktorok бlmos the subject йrdemes ezйrt бllandу napkцzbeni fбradtsбg esetйn thorough kivizsgбlбst kйrni.