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To be a twin mother in such a way

To be a twin mother in such a way

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To put it succinctly, it is shocking at first to face not one, but two baby dolls under our heart.

Life with twins

Born and raised with twin births, but also with double challenges and hardships. But what does this mean in everyday life? A twin mom told If you have twins too, read on!

The gaze of Hanwahn

Being pregnant with twins means your tummy is huge. But carrying the real burden comes after childbirth, when you have to watch for two peaks at once. Better if first you will learn the art of avoiding eye contactbecause surely every curious mind will be looking at you as you step into the street.


It is not enough to connect with mothers who have a baby. Twin mothers are completely different, and they have a much better understanding of the gravity of the limes. If you are raising twins, you are still tired and exhausted, and even if you have two little ones, you have a huge private that you can alleviate by sharing your senses with those who are going through the same thing as you.


Breastfeeding is not easy, and perhaps many people talk about it for this reason. But it is better to listen to yourself and to be a devoted mother. Check out the web for breastfeeding poses that you might want to try. You can breast-feed the twins at the same time, so don't give up if you want to breastfeed them.


If more than one child lives in your tummy, you are completely dying during your pregnancy. There is much more pain that occurs here and there, with more frequent stomach, flatulence, nausea. And then we didn't even talk about birth.


Each week of pregnancy is a huge relief and happiness. Every week, you get another winner, you get closer to the goal every week when you keep your baby in your arms forever. Megcsinбltad. You have brought to light these two wonderful creations. After a marathon pregnancy, you finally reach your destination, exhausted and triumphant. Nobody can take this wild look from you.


Twins do not make life easy. Many times you will feel that you are always unloading them from the housebecause you can't skin anymore. But you will also find the spiritual peace you need to stay strong. Many times you will feel isolated when you have two babies at home, especially when you are without help. So it's good to find a method that will help you stay awake. If you have some free time, do something that uploads, yoga, read, buy a hot bath.


Do the kids give tips? Unnecessarily. They'll never understand how sensitive they are to twins. Say you sleep when the babies are asleep, but they don't know that when one baby falls asleep, 95% of the others just start screaming.


What do you do when you cry at the same time? Which ones do you provide first? You have to choose. See which one you list. Who started and why? Who's the pecker? Who's hungrier? Who can you hurt better? It doesn't sound like much, but there is a good side to it: the twins have grown older, and they have learned to wait.


There is no more effective mother who raises twins. You will learn to use all of your body parts. Outside of your hands, you are constantly using diapers, moving, feeding, shoeing and balancing your feet.


To give birth to twins and to raise a the most ignorant and the bravest actwhat a woman can do. Every time you look at your baby's fingers or thumbs, you remember what a wonderful thing your body was capable of doing. And though you have to give up many things because of them, you will never regret it for a second.Related articles to twins:
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